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For its 90th birthday, La Baleine has a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-style surprise in store for you

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul11,2024

À Approaching its centenary, the famous brand of table salt La Baleine is preparing for its future. a nice surprise for its consumers. To thank its customers for being loyal to it, the company will hide gold in ten products, which will allow the winners to each win the sum of 1000 euros. An easy competition ;on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory of which we give you all the details below!

For his 90 years, The Whale has a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory surprise in store for you

a glittery birthday gold for the whale

This year, salting your dishes with La Baleine could make you “rich”… The famousFrench brand of salt from table, founded in 1934, hides gold in its products for its ninetieth anniversary. By purchasing one of the eligible products in the competition (500g salt shaker, 550g salt shaker and 600g salt shaker of fine salt) before December 31, you could come across one of ten surprises of the firm. Indeed, if your salt is golden; When you sprinkle your dish, you are the lucky winner of a check for 1,000 euros!The Whale hid edible gold powder in ten salt shakers, and if you are one of the lucky ones who discovers gold flakes while salting your dish, you will have until December 31, 2025 to refill your meal. claim your price. The list of ingredients? 90% fine iodized sea salt The Whale, 10% golden powder and a little turmeric.

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A commercial operation which is reminiscent of Willy Wonka's inCharlie and the Chocolate Factory, the story imagined by the British writer Roald Dahl in the 1960s. the meeting between a chocolate refiner and a very poor little boy, Charlie Bucket, who lives just next door. next to it of his factory. The tycoon organizes a lottery: five chocolate bars containing golden tickets hidden under the wrapper are scattered around the world. Each ticket will allow you to allows its holder to access the chocolate factory for a guided tour by the eccentric boss himself. Even if The Whale's operation is a little less far-fetched, it will still make people happy, unlike the others. that of Pizza Hut for Valentine's Day.

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