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Cn FP For better living together: citizen TV - The Times Hub

For better living together: citizen TV

For better living together: citizen TV

Nourish reflection and bring about changes, this is what citizen television wants to do. In an era where isolation rhymes with solidarity, where autonomy must be growing, where diversity is an asset and where disinformation comes to muddy the waters, these programs, which highlight beautiful humans and which raise questions, have more than ever their raison d’être for better living together.

The bill

For more than 25 years, this show has shed light on consumer issues submitted by citizens. Hosted by François Sanche, the show calls on trained journalists who investigate irregularities or potential cases of abuse suffered by members of the public in search of justice and explanations. Regularly, reports point to malicious or unjustified ways of doing things. Some of these reports have also made a difference in our society. Useful TV to be better equipped collectively.

► Tuesday 7:30 p.m. on ICI Télé

Citizen 2.0

Actress Laurence Latreille travels across Canada to meet citizens who have decided to take matters into their own hands to move and improve our society. Citizens with sustainable solutions. Men and women who are firmly rooted in the here and now while having a keen eye on the future. It addresses issues of the environment, economy, transport and solidarity. All in a well-documented formula.

► Wednesday 8 p.m. on Unis TV

The future is ours

Émilie Perreault and Monic Néron host this new program which highlights citizens’ initiatives to make our world a better place. We are talking about solutions journalism. Agriculture, family life, education, the environment, all subjects are on the table. The goal is to move forward collectively. The two friendly journalists go to meet people who have taken steps, who are thinking about how to resolve a situation. The tone is friendly and relaxed.

► Thursday 9 p.m. at Télé-Québec

United in diversity

This series of three episodes, initiated by the cultural chambers of commerce of the metropolis and the Intercultural Meetings for a Better Living Together, clearly represents the richness of the cultures that inhabit Montreal. We talk about the history of the Jewish, Latin American, Asian, Haitian, African and Iranian communities, their hopes, their dynamism and their contribution to the economic success of the city through various meetings.

► Thursday 7:30 p.m. at MAtv

(Re) think the world

Host Sophie Fouron shares her table with academics, thinkers, researchers and experts who have reflected on the major issues that concern us. The philosopher Normand Baillargeon takes part in each of the debates. The first programs addressed the issue of freedom of expression and the place of the arts in our society.

► Tuesday 9 p.m. on the Savoir media channel

Quebec code

Inspired by the book of the same name, Dave Ouellet (MC Gilles) paints an interesting portrait of the Quebecers that we are. Supported by Jean-Marc Léger, his polls and his wise analyzes, he sets out on the roads of Quebec to take the pulse and feed on the opinions of citizens and the reflections of researchers. Do the Germaine still exist? Is hockey still our national sport? Pro-environment and conductor, isn’t this a paradox? The result is both enlightening from a sociological point of view and entertaining in its style and tone.

► Friday 7:30 p.m. at Télé-Québec

Hire me

They are called Claudia, Mathieu, Ismaël or Nathalie. They have dreams, ambitions, will, a desire to fulfill themselves, to be useful, but they live with a handicap, which unfortunately does not facilitate access to employment. This series follows the actions of citizens who live with a disability from birth, following an accident or because their condition is degenerative. Beautiful humans who want to be independent and lead a normal life. Their demands, like their actions, are legitimate and courageous. They know their limits, but so do their skills and talents. A series that, we hope, will have the scope it deserves to educate bosses to welcome difference in their business.

► Available on amitele.ca or ICI Tou.tv

Hold salon

A hairdressing salon is a microcosm of our society and its neighborhoods. The hairdresser often becomes a confidant, an important witness of what is going on, in addition to having his own path. It was therefore a great idea to meet them in this highly human series animated by Sophie Fouron. Broadcast a little before the holidays, the six episodes of the first season allow us to hear Clermathe, Cesare, Borey, Carlos, Kiêt, Barberito and their clients, giving us access to the richness of Montreal’s multiculturalism.

► Available on TV5Unis.ca

That is the question

This program is a summary of all the questions that citizens can ask themselves about a very current subject, and valuable answers offered by specialists who are both enthusiastic and sympathetic. With each program, the camera turns to groups of citizens who share the same passion and who express their concerns in terms of consumption, economy, food, education, security, family, work relationship. . It is simple and efficient.

► Monday to Friday 7:30 p.m. on the Savoir Média channel

It does not ask

Breaking down taboos is the mission of this program which gives voice to citizens concerned with a condition that we know little or little, which sows curiosity and which too often opens the door to prejudices. Small people, in wheelchairs, amputees, autists, living with Down’s syndrome, a visual handicap, obsessive-compulsive or parents of a handicapped child, in each episode, our protagonists, who demonstrate great authenticity, generosity and a dose of self-mockery, pick up questions from the public. Some may seem naive, others are more delicate. The exercise is at the same time touching, gripping and unifying in order to value each human being and ensure social cohesion.

► Monday 8 p.m. on AMI-TV

In the land of happiness

Marc-André Carignan, this architecture graduate who is often seen commenting on municipal affairs, is interested in people’s happiness. Here he leads a sociological quest that takes him to the four corners of the world to observe what makes people happy. These testify to their well-being and the means they have taken or are taking on a daily basis to ensure the quality of their life. It shows inspiring citizen initiatives in settings that make us travel.

► Wednesday 7 p.m. at TV5

Down to Earth with Zac Efron

Recognized for its performance in High School Musical and several comedies, Zac Efron wanted to rethink his Hollywood life. Last year, he traveled the planet with wellness expert Darin Olien to meet people who have adopted healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Its goal is to raise public awareness of the importance of protecting nature through ecological initiatives. His encounters lead him to make unusual discoveries and to collect speeches made by specialists in the field. All in pleasure and exoticism.

► Available on Netflix

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