For 5 months the growth of the Belarusian debt stood at 11.4%

За 5 месяцев рост белорусского госдолга составил 11,4%

As of June 1, the total public debt of Belarus amounted to the equivalent of 49.9 billion Belarusian rubles, having increased for January-may, taking into account exchange rate differences of 11.4%, according to the Ministry of Finance of the country.

In may, the national debt declined by 0.4% (after declining in April by 6.7%).

In March of this year the total debt of the country grew by 14.7% due to the weakening of the Belarusian ruble by almost 15% in a month due to the negative impact on the economy of a pandemic coronavirus, the decline in world oil prices and growth in demand for foreign currency on the domestic market.

The external public debt of Belarus on 1 June amounted to $16.8 billion, a decrease of 5 months of considering foreign exchange differences of $0.3 billion, or 2%. In may, foreign debt increased by $200 million, or 1.2% (in April has not changed).

From the beginning, the Republic has attracted foreign Treasury bonds in the amount of $449,3 million In the share of borrowed funds on the loans the government and banks of Russia have $250,1 million placed on foreign markets bonds – $141,5 million, loans of the Export-import Bank of China – $41.4 million, the International Bank for reconstruction and development (IBRD) and $10.6 million, the European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD) – $5.7 million

According to Finance Ministry to repay foreign debt for 5 months was sent $643,6 million including paid $of 289.1 million to the government of the Russian Federation, $209.4 mln – Chinese banks, $88.3 million from the Eurasian Fund for stabilization and development, $54.8 million – IBRD, us $1.3 million from the EBRD and the Nordic investment Bank, $0.7 million – the Commodity credit Corporation of the United States.

Internal debt totalled 9.4 billion Bel. roubles (growth from the beginning of the year by 7.6% to reflect changes in the exchange rate, in may, a decrease of 2.1%). In January-may, the Ministry of Finance has placed on the domestic market in government bonds by $208.9 m million was repaid in the currency and ruble bonds at $307.4 mln and 161,2 million Bel. rubles.

In 2019, the foreign debt of Belarus grew 1.4% to $17.1 billion (27.1 per cent of GDP).

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