Football: Injuries, insults and goals… The twists and turns of the Neymar soap opera at PSG

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je t'aime, moi non plus After six years of a very eventful marriage with PSG, Neymar put an end to his Parisian adventure by spinning Al-Hilal

Football: Injuries, insults and goals… The twists and turns of the Neymar soap opera at PSG

The Brazilian striker accepted the golden offer from Saudi Arabia where Al-Hilal would have offered him a salary of “100 million euros per season”, according to a source familiar with the negotiations. — FRANCK FIFE

Neymar had several careers at Paris SG  silien took time to integrate into the capital club, which he left for Saudi Arabian side Al-Hilal.

– August 14, 2017: attractive goals

PSG presents its new jewel, bought for the record sum of 222 million euros to FC Barcelona, ​​on August 14, 2017 at; Guingamp. With a goal and an assist, Neymar is already shining. “I feel like the House. All my teammates are not Brazilian but all of them challenge me. comfortable, I feel like I have been here for a long time already,” assures the new L1 attraction.

– 25 February 2018  : From a bang to a bang

The “ penaltygate” who opposes him to Edinson Cavani at the start of the season, to know which of them was going to take the penalties, sounds like a first quack in his Parisian career.

But that's nothing compared to the “crac” heard on February 25, 2018, during a Coupe de France match against Marseille: “Ney” injured his right foot, fissure of the fifth metatarsal. The announcement of a failed season with an elimination in the knockout stages of the Champions League against Real Madrid, and the start of a long series of injuries for the Brazilian striker .

– March 6, 2019: “Rebellious Teenager”

On January 23, 2019, Neymar replayed the bad movie of his injury: a series of shocks with Strasbourg's Moataz Zemzemi, in the Coupe de France, awakened his pain in his right foot. Verdict: three months of absence and hell for his team. PSG suffered a new humiliation in the round of 16 of C1, against Manchester United (2-0, 1-3).

Back to; Paris, after having been seen at the carnival of Salvador then of Rio, he attends in the stands at; this elimination, on March 6th. He snaps and insults referees on social media: “It’s a disgrace! They put four guys who don’t understand anything about football to review the slow motion (…) Fuck them”.

Back on the pitch at the end of April, he expressed his anger by kicking a spectator who chambered him after the defeat in the final of the Coupe de France against Rennes. “It’s not possible to do ça”, plague his coach Thomas Tuchel the day after this gesture of humor. “Cowardly”, “rebellious teenager”: Neymar is not spared nor by the Brazilian press. He will receive a three-match suspension at each time (in C1, suspension reduced to 2 matches on appeal).

– August 23, 2020: Happiness and sadness

Neymar is feeling better and better in the capital. His 2019-20 season is his best, despite premature termination of the Championship due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He won the four national trophies with PSG, before the “Final 8” of the Champions League. In Lisbon, rid of of his physical worries and with a big smile on his lips, he allows the club to reach the first C1 final in its history.

His complicity; with Kylian Mbappé is obvious, but neither he nor “Kyky” won't score in Portugal. In the final, Bayern made them pay for their lack of realism (1-0), and “Ney” leaves the pitch on the verge of tears.

– 13 April 2021 : Magistral vs Munich

He took his revenge against Bayern less than a year later, in the quarter-finals. On the way to Germany, under the snow, he managed two decisive assists (3-2 victory). It’s when he returns, on April 13 at the Park, that he will shine the most, despite the defeat (1-0). Facing Manuel Neuer, he finds three times the amounts, but his influence is enormous.

In the semis against Manchester City, the Brazilian is disappointing. Four days after the return, lost 2-0, he extended his contract until 2025 with PSG.

– March 9, 2022: The debacle against Real< /h2>

Author of a decisive backheel for Mbappé during the first leg against Real Madrid in the round of 16 of the Champions League (1-0 victory over PSG), Neymar did it again in the second leg with a caviar for “Kyky”.

Las: Like his team, “Ney” collapsed in the second period, one of his loss of ball giving to; Benzema one of his three goals, for a new fiasco for PSG in C1. The Spanish media even mention a fight between the attacker and his goalkeeper Donnarumma, which the Brazilian denies on his social networks.

– May 3, 2023: “Neymar, fuck off  !”

Author of a flamboyant start to the season with PSG, Neymar experienced another setback with Brazil, eliminated in 2018. quarter of the World Cup-2022. His momentum is stopped. by yet another wound. the ankle in March. Forfeited for the rest of the season, he becomes the target of ultra Parisians, in conflict with the management over the future of the club.

“Neymar, fuck off !&rdquo ; sing dozens of supporters dressed in black, gathered in front of the player's home in Paris. Bougival, in the Paris region. Three months later, the Brazilian signs in Saudi Arabia.