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j1 mJ Flora Perez, the first lady of Inditex - The Times Hub

Flora Perez, the first lady of Inditex

Flora Perez, the first lady of Inditex

Cancelled the biographical series of Amancio Ortega that was going to premiere Amazon Prime Video

Now that Amazon has canceled the series that it had announced that it would shoot about Amancio Ortega, you may be interested in another: that of a teenage seamstress, from a humble family, who started working in the seventies in a small workshop in A Coruña and ended up falling in love with the owner of the workshop, a former seller of gowns who, together with a handful of workers, including his wife, built an empire called Zara . Her name is Flora Pérez Marcote and a few weeks ago she appeared in public in Vigo, surrounded by cameras, to deliver a nursery school, the ninth in Galicia, promoted by the Amancio Ortega Foundation. He did not make a statement, which left the very media mayor Abel Caballero , but it could be photographed and recorded. The first lady of Inditex does not frequent the media – the last time was in 2016 in Seville when, together with her daughter Marta, she donated material for the fight against cancer. The act in Galicia was national news, after all, Flora Pérez Marcote is the woman in the shadow of the man who aspired to be a shadow, Amancio Ortega, who only agreed to spread his image when his company went public in 2001, a year before marrying her. Ortega turns 85 this Sunday and almost half his life with his second wife in a discreet and armored relationship, so safe from the curious that , like the letter in Edgar Allan Poe's story placed in view of everyone so that no one could find her, the Two of them have breakfast, take a walk and live a normal life in the neighborhood of O Parrote, in A Coruña.

A fan of movies and series, one of the main questions related to Flora Pérez who slides her environment is that it is difficult for her to stop doing housework. He grew up and lived doing them. “It's not pose, it comes out. If you see something messy, tidy it up; if you see something dirty, you clean it; if he sees something undone, he does it. But fillo, is that many women put this in our bodies when we are children and you do not get rid of it or a millionaire ”, says a former Inditex worker who treated Ortega's wife years ago.

Flora Perez, the first lady of Inditex

Flora Pérez during the visit, last March 1, at the Bembrive nursery school, Vigo. To his left, José Arnau, vice president of Pontegadea, Inditex and Abel Caballero, mayor of Vigo. On the right, Elsa Urquijo, architect author of the project. Council of Vigo

Flora Pérez Marcote's life took a turn in the early eighties, when she was working in the cutting area of the Sabón polygon (Arteixo). Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera, his wife at the time, had already had two children, Sandra and Marcos, who were born with severe cerebral palsy. The days came when Mera endured studying the disease and promoting solidarity actions (which would lead to the creation of the Paideia Foundation) while Ortega spent entire days in the company. There he fell in love with Flora Pérez. Xabier Blanco tells in his book Amancio Ortega: from zero to Zara (The sphere) who was the businessman's sister, Josefa Ortega, the first to realize it because, he said, he knows every gesture of his brother, and when he spoke with that The clerk knew something was happening. Flora Pérez was promoted and at the same time removed from A Coruña as the manager of a Zara in Vigo, but Ortega continued to visit her there. In 1984 they had a daughter, Marta.

Flora Pérez and Amancio Ortega made their relationship official after Mera and Ortega made their divorce official. Then began 35 years of love oblivious to indiscretions and allergic to photographs. At Flora Pérez, a historical member of Inditex (she stopped working in workshops at the end of the nineties), Ortega has found someone with whom to maintain the genuine spirit that led him, already a multimillionaire, to recognize a manager: “In life you have to want to progress. Just today I said to Flora: 'Who was going to tell us that we would end up living in O Parrote ”, referring to a wonderful house in a beautiful neighborhood of A Coruña with views, the full ambition of the one who that year was the third richest man of the world. She is the first person he calls when he returns from a trip abroad, as he told Covadonga O'Shea ( This is Amancio Ortega, the man who created Zara, La Esfera) and with her, passionate about design by inheritance of her mother – she used to make dresses for her daughter when she was little – agrees on many of the decisions that affect Zara: “I have told her that I don't want any kind of luxury in our stores; ours is the real woman, the real public, not dreams ”. Flora Pérez was one of the people who, according to Ortega tells O'Shea, attended the last days of the businessman's mother, Josefa, who died at 94, and the woman she asked one day if she was happy with his “Choliño”, as he called his son Amancio, Cholo or Choliño.

Flora Perez, the first lady of Inditex

Flora Pérez and Amancio Ortega in one of the acts with which they entertained the guests of their daughter Marta's wedding with Carlos Torretta in November 2018 in A Coruña. Europa Press Entertainment / Europa Press via Getty Images

The real woman, the real public, not the dreams, has turned the life of Flora Pérez Marcote, a real woman, precisely into a dream in which all possible luxuries fit, although marriage It boasts of enjoying only those that guarantee your privacy, such as yachts and private planes. The Pérez Marcotes have an important presence at Inditex; Óscar and Jorge, Flora's brothers, are directors like Carlos Mato, married to María Luisa Pérez Marcote. Flora Pérez, for her part, is vice president of the Amancio Ortega Foundation and representative of Pontegadea Inversiones, the holding company of the Pontegadea group (which includes both the 59.29% stake in Inditex and the rest of the business activity of the Ortega family, mainly in the real estate sector). Pontegadea's board of directors is completed by Amancio Ortega (president), José Arnau (second executive vice president and also vice president of Inditex) and Roberto Cibeira (CEO of the Pontegadea group). Four years ago, Flora Pérez added to the 2,290 titles of the firm obtained after the distribution of Inditex to its employees for the IPO, more than 80,000 worth almost two million euros.

Amazon announced with great fanfare in October of 2020 that would make a series based on the book that Covadonga O'Shea wrote about Ortega; A great platform bringing to the screen the life of a man so persuasive and jealous of his privacy, so discreet and so rich to be able to be? The project has been canceled without the causes being known. Flora Pérez Marcote, the real woman, will not have an interpreter in fiction for the moment.

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