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Flight MH370: the Boeing 777 that disappeared 10 years ago could finally be found

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun21,2024

This crazy story dates back to 2014, but you probably remember it as it made headlines in the media so far. time: in March, a Boeing 777 from flight MH370 mysteriously disappeared, with hundreds of passengers behind. its edge. But today, a new hope of finding the plane is emerging.

Flight MH370: the Boeing 777 that disappeared 10 years ago could finally be found

the disappearance of flight MH370

The disappearance of the Boeing 777 from flight MH370 still remains today one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of civil aviation.This Malaysia Airlines plane was transporting It had 239 passengers on board when it took off on March 8, 2014. But we lost all contact with it, and it was never returned. found. Ten years later, however, some people have not given up. the case and its still determined to be resolved. try to find its trace, probably at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

Flight MH370: the Boeing 777 that disappeared 10 years ago could finally be found

A few months ago, it was a French researcher, former long-haul pilot at Air France, who carried out the research. the investigation and allowedto support the theory of the hijacking of the plane.This should make it possible to reduce the search area, but to a smaller extent. At the moment, we still don't know where lies the missing Boeing 777. But the situation could well evolve,after a hydroacoustic station spotted a signal which could correspond to that of flight MH370.

a new hope of finding the missing Boeing 777?

As part of the Treatyé Under the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban (CTBT), an international monitoring system has been established. deployed. This works in particular thanks to 11 hydroacoustic stations,which allow you to capture various sounds and sound signals. And in fact, one of them, located at Cape Leeuwin in Australia, captured a weak signal of 6 seconds which could correspond to the crash of a Boeing 777 in the Indian Ocean, because the latter must have released a large quantity of kinetic energy.

Flight MH370: the Boeing 777 disappeared 10 years ago could finally be found

Researchers from the university from Cardiff therefore assert that the signal detected could be that of flight MH370, but there is currently no way to prove it. More surprising, another hydroacoustic station, although located at a reasonable distance, does not fall within no signal. No satisfactory explanation has yet been found. brought &àgrave; this verdict. This is all the more surprising since according to the data studied, the signal in question would have been issued to around the same time as the Boeing 777 crash. In any case, the researchers are convinced that studying the question could help narrow the search area , and they claim that the crash of such a massive plane must necessarily have been caused by suicide. detected by hydroacoustic stations. Business follow, therefore.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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