Flight cancellations and queues. In Europe – massive problems with flights

Flight cancellations and queues. In Europe – massive problems with flights

Airlines cancel flights due to strikes and staff shortages

Flight cancellations and queues. In Europe — massive problems with flights

At European airports — chaos and long queues due to lack of staff. Travel restrictions due to COVID-19 have already been lifted in most EU countries, but passengers at airports now face many other inconveniences.

This is reported by SchengenVisaInfo.com.

«Travelers across Europe are facing chaos as some airports are already understaffed. Because of this, long lines form there and other problems arise», the website writes.

15,000 people missed flights. Why flights are delayed

France, Spain and Italy are just some of the most popular EU countries that have begun to experience difficulties. With the onset of summer, flights have increased in most countries, and there are few employees left.

A shortage of staff across Europe has led airlines to cancel hundreds of flights. The number of canceled flights is expected to increase even more.

At airports in France there is a lack of personnel: many employees were laid off due to the pandemic, but when the number of flights began to rise again, they began to serve passengers much longer. This has led to huge queues, especially for long-haul flights.

In addition, Paris airport employees are planning a strike: this aggravates the situation even more, the newspaper writes.

Air France announced that they had to cancel hundreds of flights. The company canceled a total of 85 flights in a day due to a strike that took place at Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Flight cancellations and queues. Massive problems with flights in Europe

Photo: At European airports — queues due to lack of staff (unsplash.com)

airports in Spain faced the same situation. Long queues at passport control have caused about 15,000 passengers to miss their connecting flights since March, Iberia said.

More missed connections are expected in the coming summer months. The demand for travel continues to grow every day.

Spain expects a lot of tourists this season. Earlier, the country's authorities reported that the number of seats scheduled by airlines for flights to Spain from June to August exceeded 32.4 million.

Same problems — and at German airports. The German union has already announced that a shortage of staff at checkpoints, check-in and baggage handling has negatively affected major airports such as Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin and Düsseldorf. And Lufthansa said it would cancel about 900 flights to Munich and Frankfurt in July.

Flight cancellations and queues. Massive flight problems in Europe —

Photo: Root Cause of — Airports fail to recruit new staff (unsplash.com)

No major disruptions are expected in Italy, but the country also recently reported flight delays and cancellations. The reason was the strike of air traffic controllers.

«Now it seems that everything is under control in Italian airports. However, if there are strikes or staff shortages in other destinations, travelers should be prepared for long lines here as well,” writes SchengenVisaInfo.

Airports and airlines are suffering huge financial losses due to flight cancellations.< /p>

The queuing situation is not expected to improve in the coming days or even weeks — those who are going to fly somewhere from France, Germany, Spain and some other countries should be prepared for the fact that they will have to spend more time at the airport than usual.