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Bread price fixing: Metro accuses Loblaw of seeking to involve it

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Supermarket chains, including Loblaw and Metro, are accused of joining together in a cartel to inflate the price of bread.

The Canadian Press

In new court documents, the Metro supermarket chain accuses Loblaw and its parent company of conspiring to implicate it in an alleged price-fixing scheme price of bread.

Metro has filed a statement of defense in the Superior Court of Ontario, in response to a class action that x27;implies.

In 2022, the Ontario court authorized a $40 billion class action request against manufacturers and supermarket chains in connection with an alleged affair surrounding the fixing of price of bread. The companies Loblaw and Metro are notably among the respondents.

Loblaw denies involvement in a bread price-fixing cartel, which is also the subject of an investigation by the Federal Competition Bureau.

The supermarket chain says Metro's allegations are ridiculous and false.

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Bakery products supplier Canada Bread recently filed its own statement of defense in the context of #x27;class action, in which he denied participating in a vast conspiracy to fix the price of bread.

In June, Canada Bread found guilty of four counts of price-fixing under the Competition Act and was fined $50 million.

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