Five weight loss myths that even nutritionists often broadcast

Today, there are a huge number of books, articles on the Internet and magazines on how to eat properly in order to get a dream figure. Materials have been compiled, including by nutritionists, but often in their content you can find many myths in which it is high time to stop believing.

Five weight loss myths that even nutritionists often broadcast

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Saturated fats, the dangers of which many nutritionists shout about, are actually very beneficial because they normalize hormones of both sexes and help the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Animal fats are also considered to be rich sources of energy, which the body can use in stressful situations. Another thing is that there are too many of them in the human diet. Thus, trans fats are used to preserve the freshness of products as long as possible, and during heat treatment they acquire even more pronounced carcinogenic properties. That is why you should limit yourself to baking with margarine and fast food.

Cholesterol contained in eggs can be both harmful and beneficial, which depends, as in the previous case, on its amount. It is able to “fill holes” on the inner walls of blood vessels, stimulate cell growth and become a reservoir of energy during “explosive” activity, for example, when running uphill. The human body has not learned to “throw away” cholesterol, and in the meantime, people consume more and more food with its content every year, which leads to problems with the cardiovascular system and atherosclerosis. Man has always eaten eggs. In addition to essential trace elements and vitamins, they contain phospholipids, with the help of which “bad” cholesterol is dissolved and further removed from the body. But in everything you need to know when to stop.

Calories are energy that is needed even during sleep, so you should stop calculating them when planning your diet. Energy ensures the correct functioning of the heart muscle, lungs and other organs, is involved in the digestion and absorption of food, and is also responsible for the safety of muscles and cell division. If the body does not receive it, it switches to the “economy” mode, slowing down metabolic processes. It is necessary to create a calorie deficit exclusively by increasing physical activity.

Low-carb diets, dangerous according to some experts, are the easiest, most satisfying and effective way to lose those extra pounds. Moreover, they speed up the metabolism, and calories begin to burn more intensively.

Diet is a very individual thing, so the method in which it is proposed to eat in small portions, but more often, is not suitable for everyone. The number of visits to the refrigerator during the day does not matter at all. What matters is what kind of food is on the plate.

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