Five useful websites for working with images and documents

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These free tools can help you accomplish various tasks without prior registration or subscription.

Five sites Useful web tools for working with images and documents

These free tools can help you perform various tasks without the need for prior registration or a subscription (iStock)

The < b>remote work, which is currently part of the daily life of many people after a period of adaptation during the years 2020 and 2021, has also generated the need to manage data and files constantly and safely to have a favorable work performance.

Although many internet tools require a prior payment for their distribution, there are others that are free they can accomplish the same tasks without inconvenience and without the need to create an account, start a trial period or another type of access barrier

These five web pagesthey can help users solve certain situations that may arise during the working period.

Remove BG, background editing

The web page allows users to remove the background of images for free and in a few seconds. It's an easy way to generate an editable PNG file that can be used as an element within a composition in other photo editing programs like Photoshop.

Five sites useful web pages for working with images and documents

Remove BG (Capture) web page

This platform works based on intelligence artificial that recognizes the components of the image that is uploaded to your system and removes its background without losing the quality of the photo. According to your web pageit can be used in images of people, products, animals, cars or company logos.

To use this web page, you only have to access it, click on the upload image button and select it. The conversion process starts automatically.

Cloudconvert, file conversion

The website allows users to convert any file format to another that is supported. “We support almost all formats of audio, video, documents, e-books, archives, images, spreadsheets, and presentations,” it says on its home screen.

Five useful websites Useful for working with images and documents

Cloudconvert webpage (Screenshot)

To use its features, users have to select one of the options from the dropdown menus on the screen. The options are multiple and you can choose the specific format of the file you want to convert, either .mp3 to .wav or a .txt to image .png.

Once the original format of the source file has been selected, it must be uploaded to the tool system and then done click on the Convert button, which will become a Download after a few seconds.

Virustotal for file analysis

Sometimes it is necessary to download some files, whether they are text documents , images, or any other type of file from an unreliable source, which can sometimes cause the desktop deviceyou're working on to download avirus by accident b>.

Five sites useful web pages for working with images and documents

Virustotal web page (Screenshot)

That is why is a tool that scans downloaded filesso that the user can know exactly if it is safe to open the file and there is no risk of activating or triggering the functions of some hidden malware. It also works to scan URLs ofwebsites even if the link has been reduced or shortened by some web tool.

10 minute mail

A fast and efficient service is Just by entering the web it generates an email valid for 10 minutes and gives a button to copy the randomly generated address.

Five sites web pages useful for working with images and documents

Web page of 10 minute mail (Capture)

It is possible to increase the time of that mail address < /b>before it is completely deleted, with just one click, and it also makes use of different email domains.

It is ideal for sporadic registrations since the user is forget about it once you finish registering on whatever website.

Pexels, stock photos

For people who work in social media management or design, is an indispensable tool for creating brochures, posters, logos or other types of digital design.

Five useful websites for working with images and documents

Pexels web page (Capture)

The user only needs to write a word in the search engine of the program and the result will be displayed after a few seconds in the screen. This section has a function that allows you to complete the search terms that are typed.

To download the results for free, just click on an image and press the Download Free button.

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