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Five houses reduced to ashes in Moose Lake, northern Manitoba

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In a press release, the Royal Mounted Police of Canada says they are unsure of the cause of the fire, but they suspect foul play.


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The fire that occurred Monday morning in the rural community of Moose Lake destroyed five homes, affecting around twenty people, ;after the mayor.

According to a press release from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), a house appears to have been deliberately set on fire on Monday and the fire spread to neighboring houses. Police report no injuries.

According to Moose Lake Mayor Fergus Campbell, water in the tanks of the truck fire was frozen due to problems with the heating system in the local fire station and the vehicle would not start due to the cold.

The firefighters therefore had to push the truck to the site of the fire, but the pumps did not work due to the ice. The situation prevented firefighters from acting more quickly, Campbell said.

The mayor of Moose Lake says the water tanks were filled following a training session before Christmas, but it's unclear how the fire station's four construction heaters stopped working.

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These construction heaters could have saved these houses, said Mr. Campbelle.

Later, firefighters from the town of The Pas came to support the community located more than 500 km northwest of Winnipeg. The fire eventually extinguished itself.

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Moose Lake Mayor says community devastated by five house fire on May 1 January.

Fergus Campbell adds that the rural community's 200 residents are troubled by the fire and the lack of housing for affected families.

Here in Moose Lake, we don't have enough housing. So to see five houses disappear so quickly, it devastated everyone, he said.

The Red Cross provided rooms for ;hotel for four evenings for families who lost their homes, as well as gift cards to allow them to buy clothes.

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