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Five gourmet gifts to give for the holidays ;tes

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Some gourmet gifts to give for the holiday season.

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When the time comes to complete your holiday shopping, chef and food stylist, Jennifer Bartoli, doesn’t hesitate to offer a gourmet gift. According to her, it is combining business with pleasure since we often offer an item that the person would not necessarily have purchased. Here are five ideas that will please the foodies in your life.

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Jennifer Bartoli appreciates the large selection of products offered by La Nutterie.

This Laval company offers gift sets of nuts, dried fruits and assorted seeds. According to Jennifer Bartoli, this brand’s products offer excellent value for money. The En salad box is his favorite which contains all the ingredients to give a crunchy shower to a salad.

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Toronto pastry Nadège offers a chocolate alphabet book.

Pastry chef Nadège Nourian adds a string to her bow with chocolate bars bearing the image of the 26 letters of the alphabet. Each chocolate bar has its letter which corresponds to its own flavor. For example, the J chocolate bar will be flavored with jasmine, the K with Kerala pepper and the N will be with hazelnut .

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Pâtisserie Nadège – Price: $13.50 per bar

According to Jennifer Bartoli, a cooking class is ideal for the person who has everything, the person who is a bit of a headache, to whom we don’t know how to offer. For what ? Because it’s very concrete! In Toronto, the chef and culinary stylist praises the classes offered at the Saint-Laurent market, because there is a range of themes and everything takes place in an enchanting environment. Still in the Queen City, for people with a little more advanced culinary skills, Jennifer Bartoli recommends courses at George Brown College. At this location, it is possible to take a variety of courses over several weeks.

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Jennifer Bartoli recommends the books from the “Simplissime 100 recipes” series, by chef Jean-François Mallet.

A recipe book along with valentine cookie delivery is always an appreciated gift, according to Jennifer Bartoli. She recommends adding a little something extra: the ingredients that accompany one of the recipes in the book.

Her suggestion: < em>Simply 100 recipes: put in the oven and it’s ready, by Jean-François Mallet, published by Hachette.

Approximate price of Simple cookbooks: $10.95 to $32.95.

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A microplane grater is useful for grating a firm cheese and zesting a lemon.

The microplane grater is Jennifer Bartoli’s kitchen accessory par excellence. It’s a grater that makes all the small kitchen projects that would otherwise take longer, she says. It’s useful for zesting a lemon, cutting ginger, garlic, grating firm cheese. or chocolate.

The chef and food stylist recommends offering it with a piece of firm cheese.

Approximate price: $13.99 to $34.99.

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