Five dead and several missing after the sinking of a precarious boat in the waters of Florida

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The migrants came from Cuba. Apparently, the strong winds played a trick on them

Five dead and several missing after the sinking of a precarious boat in Florida waters


Soledad CedroFrom Miami, Florida, United States

Five dead and several missing after a precarious vessel capsizes in Florida waters

The Coast Guard led the rescue

Happens again. Once again a group of Cubans lost their lives trying to reach the United States in a precarious boat, seeking to escape oppression on the island.

According to confirmed the Florida Coast Guard, one of the vessels that are defined as homemade -due to the few conditions for navigation- brought at least 19 people from the island of Cuba. When they were near the coast of the Florida Keys, in the southern part of the peninsula, bad weather with strong winds and rain caused the boat to capsize and at least five people were declared dead by drowning.

Five other people are still missing at sea. The Coast Guard is continuing its search in an area around Little Torch Key, a small key near Key West. Although there have been “miracles” in the past, with the passing of the hours the hopes of finding the shipwrecked alive diminish.

At the time of the shipwreck, the winds in that area were 30 miles per hour (about 50 kilometers per hour). The South Florida Keys are approximately 90 nautical miles from Cuba (depending on where they departed), and at least four hours of sailing.

Five dead and several missing after the sinking of a precarious boat in Florida waters

File photo of a group of Cuban immigrants arriving at the Florida coast (EFE)

Four people were declared dead at the time of the rescue, while ten were transferred to area hospitals for treatment. One more person died while on land as a result of the amount of water swallowed and the trauma of the shipwreck.

The coast guard assures that some of the people on board the precarious vessel were carrying life preservers at the time of rescue and that this is what saved their lives. It is unknown if the missing persons were wearing their vests or not.

The phenomenon occurs more and more frequently since the number of Cuban citizens jumping into the sea in search of reaching the United States is the highest in history, exceeding the migration crises of the 80s and 90s .

But not only from Cuba are migrants arriving in precarious boats. Also this past weekend, the Coast Guard transferred 217 Haitian migrants to the Bahamas after having intercepted them trying to reach the United States without documentation in a rustic boat off Dog Rocks, a small island very close to Bimini in the Bahamas.

Migration by sea is at an all-time high. Most of this type of migrant arrives on the coast of Florida. For those who manage to make landfall, the road is still long, since if they are not immediately deported, they often begin a complicated process to try to obtain political asylum to regularize their stay in the United States.

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