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Five dead and plane on fire after collision at Tokyo-Haneda Airport

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A Japan Airlines plane caught fire Tuesday after a collision on a runway at Tokyo-Haneda International Airport.


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A fatal collision occurred on Tuesday at Tokyo-Haneda Airport when a Japanese Coast Guard plane collided with a Japan Airlines passenger plane, which caught fire.

Five of the six occupants of the coast guard plane died after the collision, announced the Japanese Minister of Transport.

The commander [of A coast guard plane was able to escape, Tetsuo Saito said.

All 379 passengers and crew members of the Japan Airlines plane JAL516 were able to evacuate the aircraft safely, added the minister. The reasons for the accident were currently unknown, he said.

Images broadcast live by Public broadcaster NHK showed flames emerging from the Airbus A350 stuck on the airport tarmac, while fire crews tried to put out the fire. p>LoadingThe strikes have created inequalities between students, according to remedial teachers

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According to a spokesperson for the company Japan Airlines, the Airbus A350 was from Shin-Chitose Airport, located on the island of Hokkaido. The collision occurred just after landing in Tokyo.

The Japanese Coast Guard said it was investigating the possibility of a ground collision between the airliner and one of its aircraft.

The coast guard said the plane was heading to Niigata airport on Japan's west coast to help residents affected by the earthquake that killed 48 people on Monday.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida asked relevant agencies to coordinate to quickly assess the damage and promptly provide information to the public.

All runways at the airport have been closed, said a spokesperson for the Japanese capital's airport. The Minister of Transport said he wanted to reopen the airport quickly, on the evening of Tuesday or Wednesday.

With information from Agence France-Presse and Reuters

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