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ie GZ Five days before the tragedy, Maison Marie-Rollet did not consider Audrey Gagnon to be a risk for her child - The Times Hub

Five days before the tragedy, Maison Marie-Rollet did not consider Audrey Gagnon to be a risk for her child

Audrey Gagnon’s behavior with the interveners of Maison Marie-Rollet, and her drug consumption habits in the weeks preceding the murder of her young daughter Rosalie, were scrutinized on Tuesday, the second day of the investigation. public opinion of the coroner aimed at shedding light on the causes and circumstances of the tragedy, which occurred on April 18, 2018.
Dthey employees of the establishment where Audrey Gagnon had taken refuge with her two-year-old daughter, from February 19 to April 12, testified, in turn, for three hours, before the coroner Géhane Kamel, to describe the young woman as someone who, despite their chronic anxiety problems, had never “spoken out” against their child and who wanted their “well-being”.

If Audrey Gagnon saw “the basic needs” of her daughter, we could read in a handwritten note from a worker, she would have admitted, however, “not to feel a deep attachment” to her.

The identity of these witnesses can not be revealed under an order banning publication issued by the prosecutor to public inquiries, M e Dave Kimpton. Their testimonies were given in person, at the courthouse in Quebec City, and broadcast by videoconference.

Aggressive and impatient

Audrey Gagnon’s situation with her mother, hospitalized at the time for a toxic psychosis, made her particularly emotional, said a youth worker. “It worried her a lot. She could be calm and very gentle, but when she was going through (difficult emotional) situations the tone could rise. ”

“There were times when she showed more aggression and a lack of patience with staff and other residents,” she continued, “but I never heard her raise her voice or make a violent gesture against her. her daughter.”

During a meeting with this worker on March 29, Audrey Gagnon had mentioned that she had not used for “three to four weeks”. Her outing hours and her exemptions from the establishment’s schedules, however, sowed doubts in the intervention team, hence the signing of a “stay contract” in which she undertook “to come and see the workers. if (she) felt the urge to consume to help reduce it ”.

Maison Marie-Rollet reserves the right to end its stay if it does not respect its commitments. Later, a worker told her “that she was pushing her luck ” when she left her room at 10am to come to lunch.

Lively verbal altercation

Five days before the assassination of little Rosalie, the management of Maison Marie-Rollet considered that she did not represent a risk for her child, hence her departure took “by mutual agreement”, after a violent quarrel. with his official speaker, April 12, because of his many delays in appointments.

The aggressiveness and disrespect she showed at the time was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The 23-year-old mother “raised the tone” and insulted her worker.

“What’s your fucking problem?” You’re still on my back, ”she told him, threatening to“ burn her alive ”. Little Rosalie was then in another room of the establishment and would not have witnessed the altercation.

The management of Maison Marie-Rollet never judged that the life of little Rosalie could be in danger when the two left the establishment at the end of the evening on April 12.

Her efforts were unsuccessful to find another place of accommodation, whether at the Maison du coeur or at the WYCA, Audrey Gagnon had indicated that a friend had agreed to welcome her temporarily with her child, without however revealing her identity. and its address.

“It was emotional, but Audrey was relatively calm. She had to come back the next day to take her luggage, ”explained the worker.

The Direction de la protection de la jeunesse was informed on April 13 of the departure of the mother and her daughter, but the worker did not express any concerns about Rosalie’s safety when she was in the presence of his mother.

During her stay, the worker mentioned having had “some small doubts” that Audrey Gagnon could consume drugs, especially cannabis. She had forwarded the information to the Youth Protection Directorate (DPJ).


The witness was questioned at length, sometimes very closely, by Audrey Gagnon’s lawyer, M e Marco Robert, anxious to know, among other things, why the young mother could not stay one more night at Maison Marie- Rollet as she had requested.

“The decision was made as a team for Madame to leave. She had to leave after supper, not at 10 p.m. It was (her) behavior) on April 12, (when she) screamed, yelled, made death threats, which meant that she could not stay one more night (…) not a simple anger, it was made of aggression. ”

The speaker had not seen “the relevance of filing a complaint” to the police after this altercation where death threats had been made against him.

In a letter addressed to Maison Marie-Rollet, we learned, the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse had subsequently maintained that “the circumstances of the eviction (…) had the effect of place mother and child in a situation of significant vulnerability ”.

The hearing also allowed to know that the young mother had had telephone contacts with representatives of the DPJ before her departure from Maison Marie-Rollet, and that everything had gone well, according to a worker. The body took care above all that she did not come into contact with her mother.

Testimony of the mother Thursday

The hearings resume Wednesday morning with the testimonies of two other employees of the Marie-Rollet house, as well as that of the director general at the time, Nancy-Anne Walsh. Representatives of the DPJ are expected in the afternoon. Audrey Gagnon’s testimony, incarcerated at the Quebec City Detention Center, is scheduled for Thursday, by videoconference.

Audrey Gagnon had pleaded guilty in March to premeditated murder and contempt of a corpse. She was sentenced to life imprisonment, with no possibility of applying for parole for 14 years.

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