Five-day course of treatment from COVID-19 in the United States will cost USD 2340

Pharmaceutical company Gilead Science from the United States will take $ 390 for one vial of medication from COVID-19. In the end, a five-day course will cost a sum of 2340 dollars, because it is recommended to use the drug of the six glass vessels.

Пятидневный курс лечения препаратом от COVID-19 в США обойдётся покупателю в 2340 долларов

Gilead Science has developed a drug ramdevpir that the doctors found an effective tool in the fight against coronavirus. With it, the duration of treatment is reduced to four to five days, depending on severity. Ramdevpir created to confront Ebola. However, this medicine was almost useless to fight a disease called. But it is successfully used in the treatment of SARS and MERS. New tests have proved the effectiveness of ramdevpir against coronavirus. While doctors recommend a period of five days to use six vials of the drug. Planning to increase the price of the drug by 33.3%. In the second phase of the implementation of the price of ramdevpir will increase from 390 to 520 dollars per vial. In the end the cost of the five-day course is 3120 dollars.

In Gilead Science explained that the drug will help you to save money each clinic. The hospital will retain for 12 thousand dollars due to the reduction of the duration of treatment to four days. As a result, remisier will help not only patients but also the healthcare system of the United States. The American company has entered into contracts for the supply of medication to developing countries.

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