Fitness slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease

American scientists conducted a study on the impact of physical exercise on the development of Alzheimer’s disease. It turns out that fitness slows dementia and improves memory.

Фитнес замедляет развитие болезни Альцгеймера

The study involved 30 people aged 60 years who had symptoms of early Alzheimer’s. Throughout the year, half of the participants were actively engaged in fitness, and the second – only did stretching. All this time the respondents had seen specialists, doctors took tests and did an MRI. In the end, it was found that people who are engaged in fitness, more developed blood flow in the brain. As a result, the subjects improved memory, cognitive ability, and the effects of Alzheimer’s is almost completely gone. Scientists believe that fitness can slow dementia and significantly delay the terrible disease.

From the study, agrees the Russian neurologist Igor Voznyuk. The expert believes that the system of exercises makes the brain work more actively. Earlier in Russia conducted an experiment to study Alzheimer’s. Mice with the disease were divided into two groups. The first was provided to all necessary: products, partners, and bed, and the second was to find food on their own. As a result, laboratory rodents from the first group the disease progressed faster, and the second – on the contrary slowed down. Russian scientist noted that it is important to not physical exercise or mental activity, an important combination that helps in the fight against Alzheimer’s. That is why fitness is a great means of prevention of the disease. About it reports the Internet-portal “Nation News”.

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