First dose vaccination in kerala reached 80 percent |  COVID Vaccination in Kerala: The first dose of vaccination in Kerala is 80 per cent complete

September 15, 2021 by archyde

Thiruvananthapuram : Health Minister Veena George says another step has been taken in the field of vaccination in the state. The first dose of vaccination is 80 percent complete. 80.42 per cent of the population to be vaccinated were given one dose of vaccine (2,30,80,548) and 32.30 per cent were given two dose of vaccine (92,71,115). A total of 3,23,51,663 doses of the vaccine, including one and two doses, were administered, the minister said.

Today, 4,76,603 people in the state were vaccinated. There were 1904 vaccination centers, including 1528 government centers and 376 private centers.

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The state also received 6,94,210 doses of the vaccine. 2,91,000 in Thiruvananthapuram, 1,80,210 in Ernakulam and 2,23,000 in Kozhikode. The available vaccine is being distributed in different districts.

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Like many others, Kerala is a model in vaccination. Kerala is the first state in the country to vaccinate inpatients at home. Special yajnas have been developed and implemented to provide the entire first dose of the vaccine to those over 60 years of age and inpatients. The WAVE (Work Along for Vaccine Equity) campaign was launched to vaccinate those who do not know how to register for vaccination. In addition, a protocol for vaccination of pregnant women and a 24-hour drive-through vaccination were implemented.

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