First discovered coronavirus academic from China warned of a new outbreak of the disease

Chinese virologist Shi Jinli widely known after together with his colleagues first discovered the SARS virus, distributed bats, made a new disturbing statement. Specialist decided to warn the public about the threat of vast new outbreaks of the disease.

Обнаружившая первый коронавирус ученая из Китая предупредила о новых вспышках заболевания

According to an experienced specialist from the famous Wuhan research Institute, that was able to detect her colleagues from different countries at the moment, is only the tip of the iceberg. In her new article, she talks about the fact that coronaviruses are rapidly developing and in the future can much faster be transferred from animals to humans. The current outbreak COVID-19 Janli, and does, describes as a very disturbing call for the entire planet.

The academic, who in his time became one of the major figures in the scientific world and the heroine konspirologichesky numerous theories about the artificial creation of mers emphasizes that people began increasingly to intrude into the multifaceted world of wild nature, which, combined with the frequent movement of various wildlife species, creates ideal conditions for the rapid spread of different diseases.

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