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First day e without cell phones in class in Estrie

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The new directive came into force today, but in the end, it does not change much in certain schools where rules were already in place (Archive photo)


Speech synthesis, based on artificial intelligence, makes it possible to generate spoken text from written text.

The return to class begins with a change for students: it is officially forbidden to have your cell phone in class in Quebec. The directive from the Ministry of Education came into force during the holidays, but in fact, it was already applied in several public and private schools in Estrie. The goal is to reduce distractions in class.

The province is following in Ontario's footsteps, which banned cell phones in class in 2019.

This provincial directive therefore supports what many schools have already put in place. The general director of the Hauts-Cantons School Service Center, Martial Gaudreau, explains that regulations already prohibited the device in classrooms. Except during special projects with teachers.

So, for us, this directive -this came to support what we were already doing.

A quote from Martial Gaudreau, general director of the Hauts-Cantons School Service Center

Whether the cell phone is hidden in students' pockets, in their locker or in a box in class, the rules vary depending on the school.

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Since this year, we can no longer have a cell phone on our desk, we have to hide it, says a student we met on Tuesday.

In plastic art, we have boxes to put it in and you shouldn't see it at all. There are some more severe than others.

A quote from Student

I find that good because you have fewer distractions, adds another student.

I'm not very happy, because I can't look at the time anymore. I can no longer write to my mother while I'm in class.

A quote from Éleve

It's still a distraction for the students. Sometimes, they can lack the right material and that can really penalize them, mentions another.

At the Sherbrooke seminary, a private secondary school, cell phones are even restricted in the corridors.

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The private girls' high school, Mont Notre-Dame, banned cell phones in the hallways for a while.

An instruction previously in force at Mont Notre-Dame, which has changed its mind. In fact, we did not see why restrict students from using it outside of class hours, underlines the spokesperson for the Association of Private Schools of Estrie, Éric Faucher. We had difficulty applying it. It was becoming more and more difficult to apply it. There were parents who needed to write their children for an appointment.

Teachers will be able to allow the device to be used for certain educational activities.

The digital educational coordinator at the Faculty of Education of the University of Sherbrooke, Félix Arguin, emphasizes that not everything is bad with this tool.

This is not a techno-pedagogical tool which can be used for all educational purposes. We agree that word processing is perhaps not the most user-friendly thing, continues Félix Arguin.

There are certain applications, for example for quizzes, that can be used with cell phones and all of this is what I call the range of educational possibilities. So, depending on what teachers want to do, the cell phone can be a tool.

A quote from Félix Arguin, digital educational coordinator at the Faculty of Education of the University of Sherbrooke

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Even if cell phones are already increasingly rare in class, we still need to bring students back to order once in a while.

Adolescence is adolescence. There are some who will stretch the elastic a little and try to use their cell phone in class, reports Éric Faucher. So yes, we must always, from year to year, remember and apply the regulations.

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