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Firefighter died at Montreal: the TSB gives its conclusions

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The Montreal fire boat towed following the accident.

The Canadian Press

The death of firefighter Pierre Lacroix during a rescue operation rescue aboard a boat, in October 2021 in Montreal, is due to the team's lack of experience in this particularly dangerous sector, concludes the Transportation Safety Board of Canada. p>

In its investigation report (New window) which was unveiled on Wednesday, the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) emphasizes that as part of the rescue operation, the team of four firefighters entered an exclusion zone of the Lachine Rapids, which had been designated as such by the Montreal Fire Department following a similar event in 2010.

The TSB specifies that firefighters are prohibited from carrying out navigation, training or rescue operations in this area without requesting assistance from the Canadian Coast Guard.

In addition to entering this very dangerous area, the rescue team had reduced visibility and was focused on locating the x27;pleasure craft that she was trying to find and tow, explains the TSB.

But given the urgency of the situation, the fire team continued the operation anyway, reports the TSB.

The tragedy occurred when a pleasure boat was drifting towards the Lachine Rapids. Four firefighters boarded a boat to save them. Their own boat had capsized and the firefighters had all fallen into the water.

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Three of the four firefighters were found at the scene and treated for hypothermia. The body of the fourth firefighter, Pierre Lacroix, was not found until the next day.

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