Fired for travel, ex-hospital director sues for $ 2.5 million

Fired for travel, ex-hospital director sues for $ 2.5 million

Fired last Sunday after traveling several times to the United States, the former CEO of the Health Sciences Center in London, Ont., Responded with a $ 2.5 million lawsuit.

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According to local media outlets, Paul Woods is claiming no less than $ 1.4 million in compensation for the compensation and benefits he should have received from the day of his dismissal until January 14, 2023, the date on which he ended. initially his contract.

The ousted hospital official is also claiming $ 1 million in reputational damages and $ 100,000 for alleged violations of the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Mr. Woods, who holds permanent resident status in the United States, has traveled south of the border five times since the start of the pandemic to reunite with his family.

The hospital board admitted last Friday to be aware of these moves. He had first defended the director, before retracting and announcing his dismissal on Monday.

According to court documents, Paul Woods had never hidden his intentions from the council, quite the contrary. He gives as an example a text sent in October 2020 to the president of the council, Amy Walby, to inform her of her intention to go to the United States, to which she would have replied: “You certainly deserve to take some time to leave!”.

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