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Fire kills one in community Kyrias Tosh

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Boisbriand firefighters discovered two people unconscious in the house which was engulfed in flames.< /p>Radio-Canada

One person lost his life and another was seriously injured Friday morning during a fire in a residence of the Kiryas Tosh Hasidic Jewish community in Boisbriand, in the Basses-Laurentides.

According to preliminary information, the fire broke out around 8:55 a.m. in a residence on Beth-Halevy Street.

Upon their arrival on the scene, Boisbriand firefighters immediately searched the home where they discovered two people in cardio-respiratory arrest.

One of the victims unfortunately could not be resuscitated despite the efforts of firefighters and paramedics. The other remains in critical condition in hospital. There is fear for his life, according to police.

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Firefighters were able to quickly control the flames.

The fire, possibly electrical in nature according to initial findings, was quickly brought under control by the firefighters.

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An investigation was opened by investigators from the Thérèse-de-Blainville intermunicipal police authority in order to determine the circumstances of the incident.

Established in Boisbriand in the early sixties, the Kiryas Tosh community today has around 3,000 members spread across nearly 350 families.

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