Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Fire destroys building industrial in Shefford

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Firefighters from several municipalities intervene to fight a fire in Shefford.


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A fire destroyed an industrial building belonging to the Bertrand Ostiguy company in Shefford.

The municipality's firefighters were called to intervene around 2:40 p.m. to control the blaze which broke out in this secondary building.

The barn was used for storing snow removal equipment and piping.

When we arrived, it was a general fire. We had to receive reinforcements.

A quote from Luc Couture, director of the Shefford fire protection service

C' is a building that did not have a water service, so the surrounding fire departments, Granby, Bromont, Waterloo, were called to transport water, explains Luc Couture.

Around forty firefighters worked to put out the fire which was finally brought under control at the end of the afternoon.

The building is considered a total loss. Snow removal trucks that were stored inside were notably damaged by the blaze.

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