Finnish frontiersmen began to collect pennies in Russia at the hour when they left the country: what happened

Finnish frontiersmen began to collect pennies in Russia at the hour when they left the country: what happened

The Russians say that through the sanctions of the EU, the stench cannot smuggle the prepared European currency from their country. It can be about 400 euros, so about more sums.

Finnish border guards started picking up pennies in Russia for an hour outside the country: what happened< /p>

The people of Finland have started cooking in euros from the Russians, as if they are turning from the European countryside home. The reason was the sanctions of the European Union, introduced in birch after the beginning of a large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine. About the ways of forfeiting pennies on the cordon, write to Petersburg's sight “Fontanka”.

The journalists gave an example of the history of a resident of St. Petersburg, Yuri, who, last week, traveled to the right of Europe, and on Saturday turned through the cordon between Finland and the Russian Federation in a car. According to him, after passing through passport control, you happened to lose 1390 euros in the cordon – the stench, explaining their help, was sent to introduce a landfill, which was blocked for importing euros into the Russian Federation.

Natomist Yuri was asked two options at the cordon – transfer the euro right there, people, as if straight from Finland, or take a penny at the cordon point with the possibility of taking the first hour of the coming to the country. Person by selecting another option. Also, they showed him a victory from the norms of the EC, with the help of which the official currency of the EC was fenced in the Russian Federation – with a vineyard є only a penny for a special coristuvannya. The exact amount, which is being tolerated, that it is recognized for special coronation, is not shown, so the European prikodonniks can interpret the norm for the ruling court.

In profile telegram chats, similar stories are published, and you can talk about different sums – from 400 to 9.4 thousand euros. Prote in one line is about those people who declare on the cordon about sums up to 300 euros, they don’t get stuck with the problems of passing the checkpoint.

In a commentary to Russian ZMIs, the Finnish Ministry of Finance confirmed the practice of forfeiting euro banknotes through sanctions: “ (Russians) cannot bring their own euro banknotes to Russia”.