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Finland will introduce new restrictions on the border with Russia

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr15,2024

Finland will introduce new restrictions on the border with Russia

The Finnish government has decided from April 15, 2024 suspend the operation of maritime checkpoints on the border with Russia. This was reported by the Federal Customs Service of Russia, Radio Liberty reports.

Traffic along the Saimaa Canal through Nuijamaa will be suspended for pleasure boats. The Haapasaari and Santio sea crossings are also being closed indefinitely.

In early April, Finland extended the closure of its land border with Russia indefinitely, until further notice. The Finnish Ministry of Internal Affairs explained the decision by saying that Russia continues to send illegal migrants to the border.

Land border crossings on the border between Russia and Finland began to close by decision of the Finnish authorities in November last year due to the influx of third-country citizens, mainly from the Middle East and Africa, who arrived at border points from Russian territory and asked for political asylum in Finland. By law, such applicants cannot be sent back; they must be placed in Finland until the procedure for considering their application is completed.

Human rights activists and a number of Finnish residents, especially those who have relatives in Russia, criticized the authorities’ decision, saying that it violates their rights. The Ministry of Internal Affairs called the closure of the border a temporary and necessary measure.

Prepared by: Sergei Daga

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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