Finland decided to reduce the flow of visiting Russians

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Finland has decided to reduce the flow of visiting Russians

The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to temporarily close the Murmansk branch at Consulate General in St. Petersburg

"Temporary closure of the office means suspension of work for a while. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland does not yet need to maintain an office in Murmansk, as the main tasks of the office have been significantly reduced. If necessary, the operation can be restarted later”, – this is discussed on the portal of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is noted that the office in Murmansk was founded in 1992. For three decades, the scope of his mission has been focused on immigration issues, bilateral contacts and the promotion of regional and cross-border cooperation.

“The decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerns only the Murmansk office. Other representations of Finland in Russia will continue their work. In the northwestern Russian region, Finland has a main consulate in St. Petersburg and an office attached to it in Petrozavodsk. The decision does not affect the work of the Russian Embassy in Finland,” they added. at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.   Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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