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Original title: Film Festival Film Carnival for the first time to start the night scene Thousand acres of flowers become immersed in the world of light and shadow

On the evening of September 19, the rain continued, but the film carnival of the 11th Beijing International Film Festival opened as scheduled in Huairou District. More than 30 guests, including famous film and television performing artists, Xie Fang, Zhang Mu, Tao Yuling, Dong Yong, walked the red carpet in the sea of ​​flowers, and tourists and local residents experienced an immersive light and shadow art park.

The film carnival is sponsored by the Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee and the Huairou District Government. It presents two major characteristics with the theme of “Technology Innovation, Dreaming of Light and Shadow”. The first is to open a night show for the first time. From September 19th to October 6th, Carnival arranged 46 science and film fusion experience activities, of which the evening event can be extended to 21:30 at the latest. The second is that the carnival’s scene design breaks through the traditional “wall” model. The main venue of the event is located in the shadow capital of nearly a thousand acres of flowers carefully built in Yangsong Town, and the branch venue is arranged in the deer world theme park with distinctive parent-child characteristics.

Yingdu Flower Sea is a sea of ​​artificially planted flowers and plants in 2020. Large tracts of zinnia, aster, verbena, pink daisy and more than 10 kinds of flowers and plants are in full bloom from spring to the end of October. During the carnival, the carefully arranged lighting is interspersed with it, which is colorful and radiant no matter the day or night.

“There are no tickets for the main venue of Huahai Yingdu. Citizens and tourists can take pictures and check-in in an environment that combines natural beauty and the world of light and shadow.” According to the person in charge of Huairou Cultural Promotion Center, in addition to the immersive night tour of light and shadow, the carnival is also set up Film culture exhibition, film themed blind date, pop-up, interactive parade, classical folk music performances, opera and folk art performances, etc. During the event, there will also be interspersed with the celebrity meeting of the crew, etc., to polish up the characteristic leisure cultural brand of “Come to the Movie Capital for the Weekend”.

On the night of the opening of the carnival, artists such as Xie Fang, Zhang Mu, Tao Yuling, Dong Yong also presented awards for outstanding short films and creators of the Beijing Film Association’s 2021 “Capital Youth Film Talent Training”. The “Capital Youth Film Talent Training” has selected 60 outstanding film talents from 500 candidates to enter the camp for training since July. The focus of the training is practical operation. After multiple rounds of project roadshows and screening, the trainees completed 4 short films with the strong support of Huairou District Cultural Promotion Center, and finally selected 7 awards including the best short film and the best director.

Inner Mongolia grassland artist Qi Baoligao, famous singer Li Jin, and famous soprano singer Liu Yuanyuan from the Central National Song and Dance Ensemble also brought a classic film and television golden banquet on the night of the carnival. (Li Yang Zhang Di)

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