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Fico has a famous liberal writer (video)

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May16,2024

Fico has shot a prominent liberal writer (video)

Photo: Fico’s attacker was harassed

The Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico saw the liberal writer Juraj C. He is the author of a poetic collection, and previously worked for a private security company, according to Slovak snakes.

Cintulia 71 rik, vin bags There is an officially registered fire at the place of the left at the end of the edge.  

In 2016, he himself survived the swing, when at the shopping center near the Levitsia town a new man was attacked, who had been in an untrustworthy camp.

Cintula is an activist of the liberal party “Progressive Slovakia”. VIN VIDVERTO HAVE HAS HATE FOR FILE AT Social Military Military.

Pіdozniya at the lobby of the fiction at the firing of pyd warts, Idonal is National Criminal Slovchini Agency. Under this, Fico is respected as a pro-Russian politician. In the end of 2023, the Prime Minister was appointed. That’s why they started calling Ukraine “the most corrupt country.” and by denying supplies of armored self-propelled guns, and also by threatening to block assistance to Kiev from the European Union.

Prepared by: Serhiy Daga

Natasha Kumar

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