Festive bridge in Colombia: four plans to enjoy Bogotá this weekend

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Pastry tours and themed tours of the San Juan de Dios Hospital are some of the recommended activities

Festive long weekend in Colombia: four plans to enjoy Bogota this weekend

Referential file image of a street in the La Candelaria neighborhood. Photo: Pixabay

This weekend Colombia will have a new festive bridge so families, friends and couples prepare their suitcases to take a few days off discovering new destinations in the country. However, due to economic reasons, not many will be able to afford to travel throughout the national territory. Therefore, if you live in Bogotá and are looking for plans that do not involve leaving the city, here are four ideas for you to discover new activities.

Before Introduce you to the five recommended plans for the weekend. Keep in mind that, before carrying out any activity, it is important that you know how the operation will work in the city's transport terminals and how the regional peak and plate will operate.

1. Getting to know rural Bogotá:

Festive long weekend in Colombia: four plans to enjoy Bogotá this weekend

Image of one of the rural experiences that take place under the strategy 'Bogotá a Rural Destination'. Photo: IDT Photographic Archive/Daniel Ruiz

Many foreigners and Bogotanos are unaware of the traditions, knowledge and flavors of the peasant communities that live in the city. Therefore, in order to promote these tourist and gastronomic experiences that are offered, the District Institute of Tourism recently launched the strategy 'Bogotá a Rural Destination'.

Those who sign up for the initiative will have a portfolio of 16 rural tourist experiences to discover, and which are carried out in the towns of Usme, Ciudad Bolívar, Suba, Chapinero and Santa Fe.

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Walks, crafts and gastronomic experiences, are some of the activities that you can perform, depending on which ones interest you. To know all the offer in detail you can enter the following link: https://planbogota.bogotadc.travel/.

2. Pastry Tour:

Festive long weekend in Colombia: four plans to enjoy Bogotá this weekend

Image of one of the desserts at La Ventana at the Hilton Bogotá Hotel. Photo: Instagram The Window

Rice pudding mousse and almond cake or ripe feijoa Bavaroise are some of the desserts you can try this weekend while you learn about the culinary history of the six regions of Colombia >.

ingredients from the most emblematic regions of the country.

“Our proposal is to create a pastry tour of Colombia.Pay homage to flavors that reflect the country's identity to reinvent them in haute cuisine recipes and presentations, commented the hotel's executive chef, Adrián Gerboles.

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To learn more about the experience can come to the hotel facilities, or visit its website: https://www.hilton.com/.

3. Bogotá Colors Festival:

este-fin-de-semana-0287300.jpg” alt=”Festive long weekend in Colombia: four plans to enjoy Bogotá this weekend” />

Archive image of one of the graffiti tours in Bogotá. Photo: private file- Turismoi.com

Would you like to know the town of Ciudad Bolívarthrough urban art? If your answer is yes, you cannot miss the Bogotá Colors Art and Memory Festival, one of the winning initiatives of the Es Cultura Local 2021 program, through which it seeks to promote cultural activities throughout the city.

At the festival, which will take place between 10 and 13 November in the Mirador and Paraíso neighborhoods of Ciudad Bolívar< /b>, visitors will be able to take a graffiti tour, observe the intervention of some artists from ten walls of the La Calle del Color Art and Memory Circuit, among others.

If you are interested in taking part in the activity, you can See all the programming here: https://www.culturarecreacionydeporte.gov.co/es/noticias/programate-para-el-festival-de-arte-y-memoria-bogota-colors-en-ciudad-bolivar .

4. Themed tours of the San Juan de Dios hospital:

Festive Bridge in Colombia: four plans to enjoy Bogota this weekend

In the image, one of the actresses who plays a vintage nurse during the thematic tour of the San Juan Hospital of God. Photo: IDT

The San Juan de Dios Hospital is the oldest hospital in Bogotá and for this reason, it has become a place full of patrimonial value, cultural, architectural and social and even horror stories have not been lacking in the stories about the complex.

This is how, to make visible the value of this declared hospital National Monument, until December 3rd the District will carry out themed tours on Friday and Saturday. Those interested can make an appointment through the Plan Bogotá platform: https://planbogota.bogotadc.travel/.