Ferrari on the verge of failure: the reasons that do not allow it to fight with Red Bull

Ferrari on the verge of failure: the reasons that do not allow it to fight with Red Bull

Daniel San Román gives his opinion on the current situation of Formula 1 and the moment of Escudería Ferrari. Leclerc starts second at the Dutch GP, behind Red Bull's Max Verstappen.

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Ferrari on the verge of failure: the reasons that do not allow it to fight with Red Bull< /p> Leclerc is called to fight Verstappen for the title, but he has not been able to. There are still 8 dates left. (Photo: AFP)/

After several weeks of having a complicated agenda, Don Carlos, a recalcitrant tiffosi who was lucky enough to see Niki Lauda's titles with Ferrari in his twenties, found the peace of mind to see the restart of the season in Spa. A legendary circuit, which has existed since 1920, and where good customs are still preserved. A route far from the increasingly recurrent street proposals that today take the calendar.

It seemed like a great race to rejoin: a memorable track and his usual team. However, Don Carlos never expected to see one of the most chilling days of 2022. A test where not only Verstappen was intractable, managing in just twelve laps to go from fourteenth position to the top, but also Ferrari was shown as a disrespectful amateurism with their lineage.

Changing the engine of Leclerc's single-seater was an innocuous bet taking into account that although they gained in recharging speed by not working on the configuration of the vehicle with this new component it lost balance, downforce and ate the tires. /b>It is clear that Ferrari is not in a position to put a competitive car in the asphalt river and that its engineers this year are unable even to decide what rubber to put on one of its drivers during the stops. Nobody can doubt that Leclerc has talent, but the numbers are killing him in a season that he started as a candidate and today he lives in the zone of recurring excuses. Already in the past, at Ferrari, the same thing had happened to Alain Prost, Jean Alesi, Gerard Berger, Ivan Capelli, Nigel Mansell, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel. Drivers with more track records but who experienced the same frustration.

When you have a slow car or no budget, losses are more easily digested. The problem is that Ferrari does not have these excuses and from the outside it seems that everything happens through Binotto who has already confirmed that the bad result in Belgium was not a consequence of porpoising. And while honesty is rewarded, on the other hand it unnerves his lack of reaction in a scenario where it is clear that the distance that existed before the break between Ferrari and Red Bull has been chillingly dilated. Today it's Zandvoort, where Verstappen runs at home, and next week Monza, where Ferrari does the same in front of his team. Two emotionally vital days for the championship to the extent that Ferrari has something to compete with. For now, even if one searches, there is nowhere to give them the benefit of the doubt. Not even Don Carlos, who may be a huge fan of Ferrari, but knows that doing the same thing never achieves different results.

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Ferrari on the verge of failure: the reasons that do not allow it to fight with Red Bull

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