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Ferrari is switching to electric cars: when to expect the first car

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May25,2024

Ferrari is switching to electric cars: when to expect the first car

Ferrari < p>Ferrari plans to release its first electric car by the end of 2025. This event should be one of the biggest changes in the history of Ferrari.

Also, the sports car manufacturer is increasing the production of hybrids, which it started making about 10 years ago. It is assumed that by 2026 electric cars and hybrids will account for 60% of all Ferrari cars. This is stated on the platform of UkrAvtoprom.

Further, the share of “electric cars” will grow and by 2030 will make up 40% of all cars. Total investments in the direction will amount to 4.4 billion euros.

Going greener is important, especially for a luxury company, because a luxury company produces an emotional and symbolic product, not a functional one, says CEO Benedetto Vigna.

For the designers of Ferrari, this means that they are not just working in a company in the “luxury” sector, but in fact in a technological startup that has to reinvent its cars again. Competitors on the market are also new: in addition to the Tesla Roadster sports car, it is also the Chinese electric car manufacturer BYD, which has already presented its fully electric supercar for $240,000. The old Italian rival Lamborghini is also preparing its electric car.

In order to intervene into electric racing, Ferrari is building a new plant in Italy that will produce electric motors and inverters. In addition, the company opened an innovative battery research laboratory. Currently, Ferrari does not plan to make batteries on its own, but will share the results of research with its suppliers.

The company has to solve problems that are not typical for other manufacturers of electric cars. For example, the engines of such cars are almost silent, which is unacceptable for fans of roaring Ferrari engines. Therefore, the company promises to install sound generators that will “voice” the engines.

When we talk about luxury cars, we talk about the emotions that we can give to our to customers We're not talking about the functionality of electric cars like the ones you see on the road. We have no doubt that we can provide our customers with a unique experience because we are able to use technology in a unique way. This is what our company has been doing since its establishment, – says Vinya.

At the same time, the company does not forget about traditions. At the beginning of May, it presented two new models, 12Cilindri and 12Cilindri Spider, equipped with gasoline engines. The cost of these models is 395 and 435 thousand euros, respectively.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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