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Ferrari continues to hunt for counterfeits of its own brand: how many cars were destroyed last year

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul7,2024

Ferrari continues to hunt for fakes of its own brand: how many cars were destroyed last year

Ferrari fights fakes/v.ivash

You probably know that Ferrari has a big problem with owners who modify their cars. So you can imagine their disappointment when a fake Prancing Horse pops up on their radar.

As they say, she suffers from success. Last year alone, three fake cars were destroyed as part of a wider anti-counterfeiting campaign. The recently published data from Maranello shows how much effort the company is making to eliminate inauthentic products, writes Motor1.

These 360 ​​fakes are only part of the story, because last year the Italian company destroyed a shockingly large number goods under the Ferrari brand. More than 100,000 items of clothing and more than 91,000 glasses were completely destroyed, as well as almost 61,000 wristwatches. Wallets were also a hot commodity, with just over 57,000 wallets having to be destroyed.

But wait, that's not all. Other notable mentions include over 30,000 bottles of perfume, 17,000+ bags, another 17,000 pairs of shoes and over 13,000 belts. The various items ranged from nearly 1,100 balls to nearly 900 scale models. At least 800 fake scooters were also smashed. Ironically, the fridge was one of the latest products to be found with a fake Ferrari logo.

Ferrari continues to hunt for fakes of its own brand: how many cars were destroyed last year

If you want to help Ferrari and get a small prize for your efforts, you can help the company track counterfeits as part of the anti-counterfeiting project launched last year. You will receive an “Official Thank You” along with an “Additional Ferrari Gadget”. This campaign is already a great success with messages coming in every day. The people responsible for checking suspected forgeries are apparently doing “important work”.

A few years ago, the Ferrari company gave its blessing to seven replica cars created for the film of the same name about the incredible life of Enzo. Although the 1957 racers were painstakingly crafted with the help of 20 expert restorers, even these cars ended up being broken into pieces.

The company cites a “methodical destruction of the fiberglass bodywork.” The sad fate of these realistic copies was known even before filming began. Shortly after the completion of the filming of the film, all copies were dismantled.

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