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Fender x Teufel: 3 new portable speakers

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul1,2024

Here's good news for music fans since Teufel and Fender have just announced a partnership around three new portable speakers: the Rockster Air 2, the Rockster Cross and the Rockster Go 2.The latter promise quality. high-level audio that will delight all users.

Fender x Teufel: 3 new portable speakers

Teufel and Fender: a new partnership

Thecollaboration between Teufel and Fender for music lovers who are looking for quality products. Together, the two brands have designed speakers that offer excellent sound, and what's more they are also very solid thanks to the their certifications.

Rockster Air 2

Fender x Teufel: 3 new portable speakers

The Rockster Air 2 is a speaker that is unlikely to leave you indifferent with its specifications. It offers a power of 120 wattswhich will fill the space.

In terms of autonomy, it integrates a battery of up to 2000mAh. 30 hours for long-lasting listening,no matter where you are playing. You are. It is therefore a very good choice for long evenings with friends. And regarding connectivity, it goes through Bluetooth (5.0).

Another thing to know, it also has an integrated handle and splash resistance (IPX4 certification) which will allow you to take it with you without worrying about the vagaries of the weather.

For the price, the Rockster Air 2 is 699.99 euros.

Rockster Cross

Fender x Teufel: 3 new portable speakers

The Rockster Cross, as for; it is a speaker that fears nothing, we could even say that it is all-terrain thanks to its design. its IPX5 certification which ensures protection against jets of water, rain and even splashes.

Side sound, it has a power of 60 watts, which is not bad for this type of nomadic speaker.

In terms of autonomy, we are not at the level of the Rockster Air 2, since the manufacturer announces 20 hours with a charge .

Regarding the price, it takes 349.99 euros.

Rockster Go 2

Fender x Teufel: 3 new portable speakers

The Rockster Go 2is the most compact of the three portable speakers. Nevertheless, it has plenty in its belly with a power of 24 watts which is impressive for such a small model.

For autonomy, you need < strong>allow 12 hours, so you can take it wherever you go. you want to listen to music quietly without breaking your back carry her. It is therefore perfect for short outings and for those who want an easily transportable model.

This small model is available in a variety of sizes. à a compact price of 149.99 euros.

The sales at Teufel

The sales are off to a good start! and good deals are flying in all directions, this is even the case on the Teufel online store, since the brand offers very nice discounts on a large number of its products. You don't have to wait any longer, go for it!

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