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Feeling your heartbeat: DOROFEEVA presented the first track “Heartbeat” from the new album

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun21,2024

Feeling your heartbeat: DOROFEEVA presented the first track < /p> DOROFEEVA/YouTube

On June 20, popular Ukrainian singer Nadia Dorofeeva presented a new track “Heartbeat” and a music video of the same name. The artist admitted that in the song she reflects on the topic of narcissistic men who only think about themselves.

Ukrainian singer Nadia DOROFEEVA presented a music video for the first track from the upcoming full-length album, which will be released in the fall.

“Heartbeat” is a sensual dance composition. According to Dorofeeva, she created the lyrics and music for the song together with her husband, restaurateur and musician Misha Katsurin. The video was directed by the famous Tanya Muinho, who created videos for world celebrities.

DOROFEEVA put the most frank female feelings into the song. She also announced her new album and “Heartbeat” is the first track on it.

This song has something special about it – I don't get tired of it no matter how many times I listen to it: demo , reduction, I constantly turn it on in the car. If there was a lot of personal stuff in my previous songs, then “Heartbeat” is more like my thoughts about narcissistic guys who are so “in themselves” that they don't notice anything around them and don't care about other people's feelings, – shared the singer.

In the clip, the actress was not alone. In a candid image, together with their partner – British dancer and model Samuel Dilks – they performed a sensual contemporary dance.

After the release of the clip, the artist told Staroz that it was one of her most difficult clips. After all, it rained and was very cold the whole shooting day. They met the dancer just a few hours before filming began. However, the singer is satisfied with the result.

By the way, the song went viral on the Internet a few days before its premiere. After all, Dorofeeva launched a dance challenge to the sound of “Heartbeat” on TikTok. Fans of the artist “picked up” the trend and recorded a video for the new song.

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