Fedofútbol, ​​Inefi and Concacaf launch Generation Amazing Project

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  • Fedofútbol, ​​Inefi and Concacaf launch Generation Amazing Project

The Dominican Football Federation at a press conference held this Wednesday, November 9, announced The launch of the Generation Amazing Project, hand in hand with the Confederation of North, Central America and the Caribbean Soccer (Concacaf) and the National Institute of Physical Education (INEFI).

The event was headed by the president of Fedofútbol, ​​Rubén García Ciprián; Alberto Rodríguez, director of Inefi; Jennifer Roche, coordinator of the Generation Amazing project, for Concacaf; together with Mr. Marco Santillán, FIFA and Concacaf instructor.

The Generation Amazing Project is an initiative of the Qatar Football Association that has been successfully implemented in several countries in the Middle East and Asia and will now be launched. together with Concacaf to start with a pilot plan in 11 countries of the region that includes the Dominican Republic.

A significant focus on developing community trainers through training, which in turn will benefit the community. thousands of youth and children throughout the country.

This program will allow It allows Concacaf member associations to optimize their own curricula and training for coaches in the youth categories, providing them with the tools they need to offer better quality teaching.

Both García, like Rodríguez, praised the project implemented by Concacaf.

“For Fedofútbol it is a mission accomplished. This program will be taken advantage of by more than 700 students in different parts of the country, through the Soccer Federation, Inefi and Concacaf” García.

“The idea is to take the pilot project not only for a month or month and a half, but beyond. for several years, which is our goal & rdquo ;, he added. the president of Fedofutbol.

For his part, Rodríguez indicated that that this project will have It will have a great impact on the country's schools and neighborhoods.

“The schools need this pilot project that can reach the entire country, because that will affect the schools and neighborhoods in the comprehensive training of educational centers & rdquo ; Rodriguez. “This plan will help. to fight crime and train better citizens”.    

While Roche shared A message from Concacaf Director of Development Jason Roberts. In it, he thanked the authorities that are going to implement the program, Fedofútbol and Inefi.

Three duly trained instructors were selected from the Dominican Republic: Betzaida Ubri, Isairis Minaya (both belonging to the technical body of the women's national team) and Franklin Brito (U-15 men's national team manager); and for the pilot plan, six regions of the Ministry of Education have been chosen, within them six educational districts in six provinces throughout the country, such as:  San Juan, Santo Domingo, El Seibo, Espaillat, Santiago, and Puerto Plata.

Each of them has a district coordinator, five educational centers with 25 students for a total of 750 students, and two volunteer facilitators to complete 10 facilitators per district and 60 for the entire plan that will encompass a period of six weeks as a pilot phase.

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