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Federal Conservatives lead race for donations

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The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) raised nearly $35.2 million in donations in 2023, twice as much than the Liberal Party (PLC) and five times more than the New Democratic Party (NDP).

According to the latest financial statements filed with Elections Canada, Pierre Poilievre's party collected 60% more donations than in 2022, the year of the party's leadership race and usually a good time for fundraising.

In Pierre Poilievre's first full year as leader of the Conservative Party, the Party broke all fundraising records for any political party in Canadian history, the CPC said by way of press release.

These results prove that my common sense plan, which involves lowering taxes, building housing, fixing the budget and stopping crime, enjoys broad support.

A quote from Pierre Poilievre, leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

By comparison, the Liberals collected $15.6 million in donations in 2023, $20 million less than the Conservatives. Good news, however, for the PLC, donations do not follow the downward curve of the polls and remained stable in 2023 compared to the previous year.

According to a spokesperson for the Liberal Party of Canada, Parker Lund, the fact that 93% of donations made to the party are less than $200 is a symbol of the strong popular support the party enjoys.

The NDP, for its part, collected $6.9 million and the Bloc Québécois, 1.77 million. At the time of publishing these lines, the financial results of the Green Party of Canada for the 4th quarter of 2023 were not yet available online.

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The sum of $35.2 million collected by the Conservative Party from 200,000 donors averages $176 per donation. That’s far more than the average donation among the Liberals ($120) and New Democrats ($79 per donation). Only the Bloc is doing well in this regard, with an average donation of $154.

Now that the coffers are full, the Conservatives have the resources necessary to spend big in this pre-election period.

Television advertisements and recruitment operations on social networks are part of the party's strategy, underlined the president of the Conservative Fund of Canada, Robert Staley, during the party convention last September.

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