Fatima Omar: I tried to change people’s perception of people with special abilities

September 15, 2021 by archyde

Fatima Omar, the Egyptian weightlifting champion with special abilities and a silver medalist in the Tokyo Olympics in Japan, revealed that she started practicing sports at the age of 19, explaining that her weight was only 39 kg, and when she wanted to play weightlifting, she found great objections from coaches because of her weak physical build.

And Fatima Omar continued, in television statements to the Ontime Stadium program, on Ontime Sports, with the journalist Schubert: “When I started lifting weights, the game was not internationally known, and with more determination I succeeded in convincing the coaches of my abilities because I had great strength in the arms.”

The Egyptian weightlifting champion, who was honored to raise the Egyptian flag at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Paralympics in Japan last month, said that she tried to change the concept of people with special abilities, explaining that her participation in the Paralympic Games over the past 27 years is a journey full of struggle, patience and diligence.

The Paralympic weightlifter confirmed that the injuries and difficult conditions were stubbornly difficult before participating in the Paralympic Games, but she overcame her goal and won the silver medal.

Fatima Omar said: “The championship came after many events for us as a team, and I was infected with the Corona virus twice, and I was injured right before the Tokyo Olympics, and I was going for the bronze medal because the injury disrupted me a lot and kept me away from my level, and thank God I got silver.”

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Natasha Kumar

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