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Le father of little girl from Granby gets semi-freedom

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The death of the 7-year-old girl in Granby, in 2019, led to the opening of several investigations as well as the creation of the Special Commission on the Rights of Children and Youth Protection.


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The father of the little girl from Granby obtained his day parole. He will go to a halfway house until his release next spring.

He made a second request for such a release a week ago, two years after his incarceration. His first request was refused last spring.

He will have to respect numerous conditions, including that of having no contact with certain members of his family and of having authorization from the DPJ and his parole officer to have contact with his child. He must also notify his parole officer of any intimate or friendly relationships with women, avoid certain regions, be subject to psychological monitoring and have no contact with children under 16.

Remember that his seven-year-old daughter died in April 2019 in tragic circumstances that shook Quebec. Two years ago, the father pleaded guilty to false imprisonment a few days before his trial.

Radio-Canada must withhold his name due to a publication ban

According to the Parole Board, this man presents a criminal risk of moderate to weak.

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The commissioners welcomed, in their 11-page decision, that 'he is considered to be engaged in [his] correctional planning.

The CLCC also looks back on the correctional journey of this 34-year-old man. Your understanding of the impact your criminal behavior had on yourself and others increased as you continued to realize the magnitude of the situation , she notes among others.

You seem to be in the x27;action stage as it relates to the change process. Progress was observed for each of the intervention targets.

A quote from the Parole Board

According to what can be read in the CLCC decision, the case management team also considers that the father was cooperative and authentic in all the interventions that were offered to [him] in the establishment.

We also note that throughout his time behind bars, he had no disciplinary reports. He also completed his high school studies and followed other training in addition to holding a job outside the penitentiary.

Contacted by Radio- Canada, the little girl's grandmother was disappointed by the CLCC's decision. It's a disappointment. It’s not the rest of us who have the last word, she sighs.

She would have preferred that he serve his entire sentence.

It says "it's okay if you abuse a child […] you won't have much [in terms of trouble]."

A quote from The grandmother of the little girl from Granby

The youth and family law lawyer, Valérie Assouline, also emphasizes that the decision causes a “vortex of emotions” for the girl’s family. For four years, this whirlwind of emotions has not stopped. Today is a very difficult day for my clients, she insists.

In this story, there is a child who will never celebrate Christmas, and Mr. is released just before the end of the year, just before the holidays, and it is something that is even more difficult for the family.

A quote from Valérie Assouline, lawyer in youth and the family

According to her, the decision should raise important social debates. We need to review the sentences when it comes to crimes committed against children, because sentences like these, where the gentleman spent 23 months in prison, are incredible and should not be accepted, he believes. -She.

With information from Geneviève Proulx and Zoé Bellehumour

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