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The father of the little girl who was the object Amber Alert is accused of kidnapping

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The Amber Alert was issued as a result of the kidnapping of the child from the home of his grandparents, who were in charge of him.

The Canadian Press

The father of a one-year-old girl who was the subject of an Amber Alert in Montreal earlier this week was charged with kidnapping on Thursday. The child's mother, aged 18 years old, appeared on Wednesday. She was accused of breaking into a home to commit a kidnapping.

The Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) announced Thursday that the father would remain detained and that his case had been adjourned until Friday.

The little girl was was reported missing Tuesday morning in the Lachine district of Montreal.

The mother and baby were found in an unspecified location in northwest Montreal shortly after 2 a.m. Wednesday, the day after the Amber Alert was issued.

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A publication ban prevents the disclosure of any identifying information the child.

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