Fasting together with vitamin C effectively inhibits cancer

Scientists from the U.S. and Italy found that fasting together with vitamin C effectively inhibits cancer. The new therapy is not toxic in contrast to traditionally used chemicals.

Лечебное голодание совместно с витамином С эффективно подавляет рак

Experts from the University of southern California and their colleagues from the Cancer Institute IFOM in Milan has carried out experiments on laboratory mice. Scientists have determined that a combination of vitamin C with periods of fasting has a positive effect on the lesion. Rats with progressive tumors occurred suspension of development of colorectal cancer, in some cases there was regression of malignant tumors. The researchers note that the new therapy may be used for the treatment of aggressive forms of cancer.

However, fasting is not an easy decision for persons suffering from cancer. Scientists recommend low-calorie plant-based diet, simulating the cell response, as if the body is starving. A special diet, along with vitamin C can be effective in the treatment of certain cancers.

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