Farm in Thailand starts feeding chickens hemp instead of antibiotics

Farm in Thailand starts feeding chickens hemp instead of antibiotics

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 A farm in Thailand started feeding chickens hemp instead of antibiotics

A farm in northern Thailand grows medical marijuana and feeds cannabis to free-range chickens. The chickens are not receiving antibiotics or other medications.

Chiang Mai University researchers say that less than 10% of the 1,000 chickens at the Lampang farm have died since they introduced marijuana into their diet in January 2021. chickens.

Chompunut Lumsangkul — Associate Professor who led the study, — believes the cannabis feed is working and the farm's chick mortality rate was the same as in previous seasons.

In addition to healthy chicks, the experiment also allowed the farm to sell its poultry at higher prices to consumers looking for organic bird. Carcasses are sold at twice the regular price — about $1.50 a pound, and their meat is more tender and tasty than regular chickens.

Lumsangkul noted that the full benefits of feeding cannabis to chickens are not entirely clear, nor is it clear why cannabis supports at all. bird health. However, it is likely that marijuana contains biologically active substances that promote metabolic activity and improve health and strengthen the immune system of birds.

The study has so far been only a “screening test”, and researchers have yet to test whether cannabis diets help protect chickens from bird flu or other serious illnesses.

As for whether people can get high from eating cannabis-fed chickens, Lumsangkul said it is “no way” cannot happen because cannabis is completely metabolized in the body of the chicken before slaughter.

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