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« Far from being satisfied” ;, David Eby stays the course on housing and the carbon tax

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David Eby reaffirmed that he is staying the course on the carbon tax at the New Democratic Party convention this weekend.


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British Columbia Premier David Eby reaffirmed his government's priority to build more affordable housing and combat climate change, including conserving the provincial carbon tax, Saturday, in Victoria, during a convention of the New Democratic Party (NDP) of the province.

David Eby said he will do everything possible to combat the housing crisis as 700 party delegates gathered in the provincial capital this weekend to debate their policies and strategy ahead of the 2024 provincial elections. .

Everyone knows that being able to afford decent housing is the basis for building a good life, but it is not not accessible to too many people in our province, argued the Prime Minister.

I'll tell you one thing: I wake up every morning wondering what we can do, what steps can be taken to combat the housing crisis.

A quote from David Eby, Premier of British Columbia

The New Democratic government recently proposed various measures and bills to limit short-term rentals, strengthen urban densification near public transportation, and accelerate the construction of multi-unit housing.

David Eby believes that more housing is starting to become available on the market thanks to barriers on short-term rentals, but that much more time will be needed to put a stop to the housing crisis.

The Premier of British Columbia also maintains his position on the carbon tax, an issue that will be important in the next provincial election.

The opposition The official BC United party has already committed to removing this pollution tax, which amounts to about 16 cents per liter of gasoline, if the Conservative Party of Canada wins the next federal election.

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The Premier of British Columbia says it is essential to fight climate change, as British Columbia experienced the worst wildfire season in its history in 2023.

British Columbia is a pioneer in carbon taxes in Canada. It has its own provincial taxation program, unlike the majority of other provinces and territories, which are subject to a federal tax.

Recently, Ottawa's announcement to withdraw the carbon tax for homes heated with oil, however, sparked many reactions in the province. We don't want to do what the federal government did, which is protect a certain type of heating, said David Eby.

We believe there should be a price on carbon pollution.

The Prime Minister recalled that the province has been ravaged by forest fires, floods and landslides, and that it is crucial to fight against climate change.

The cost of inaction is our homes, our communities, the path to wildfires. These are our crops, our farms, at risk of being flooded. It is our children who risk losing the nature that surrounds them. They will pay the price, and this place will never be the same.

A quote from David Eby, Premier of British Columbia

David Eby's wife, Cailey Lynch, announced that she was expecting her third child, introducing her husband to Congress on Saturday. We cannot afford to fail, added David Eby.

The British Columbia premier is largely supported by NDP delegates, who gave him 93.1% support following a vote of confidence on Saturday.

Outside the congress, demonstrators for their part expressed their dissatisfaction with the environmental management of the New Democratic government.

About 250 protesters called on the NDP to end hydraulic fracturing, a natural gas extraction process.

Despite assurances from the Prime Minister to fight climate change, they have claimed that ongoing gas operations are fueling weather disasters, such as forest fires and floods.< /p>

With information from The Canadian Press


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