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Fantasy: Jean-Philippe Jaworski publishes a short story against the extreme right

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun23,2024

Renowned As one of the finest writers of French fantasy, Jean-Philippe Jaworski has made the news. in 2023 and 2024 with his magnificent trilogyThe Knight of Thorns. He returns today with a very special fantasy short story! ” alt=”Fantasy: Jean-Philippe Jaworski publishes a short story against the far-right” />

Jean-Philippe Jaworski against the far right

In a few books to read barely, Jean-Philippe Jaworski imposed himself among the greatest fantasy writers. With extremely rich writing and erudition that commands respect, the author has become one of the darlings of French-speaking readers. Jean-Philippe Jaworski is the author of two fantasy cycles:The Tales of the Old Kingdom, in which we find the collection of short storiesJanua Verra (2007), the novelGagner la Guerre (2009, Prix Imaginales for best French-speaking fantasy novel), the collection of short storiesThe Feeling of Iron (2015) and the trilogyThe Knight of Thorns (2023-2024); and Kings du Monde, composed of by Même pas mort (2013, Prix Imaginales for best French-speaking fantasy novel), Royal Hunt(2015-2020) andLa Grande Mare (yet to be released).

Fantasy: Jean-Philippe Jaworski publishes a short story against the far-right

But being a writer of literature of the Imaginary does not prevent being a committed writer, as others have already done. demonstrated the famous SF writer Alain Damasio (La Zone du Hors,La Horde du Contrevent,Les Furtifs) or the Belgian fantasy writer Stefan Platteau (Les Sentiers des Astres) – who dedicated us to an interview with Jean-Philippe Jaworski. Already signatory of a column published on June 13, 2024 in the newspaperL’Humanité, bringing together authors and academics linked to the literature of the Imaginary, including Stefan Platteau, Anne Besson, Justine Breton and Estelle Faye, Jean-Philippe Jaworski also wrote a short story of fantasy:The Makers of Order.

Fantasy: Jean-Philippe Jaworski publishes a short story against the far-right

Written in record time at the request of the publisher Pascal Godbillon,Les Auteurs d'Ordre is therefore a short story of around thirty pages, published by Denoël in Paris. from June 26, 2024and sold in bookstores for the modest sum of 5 euros. The back cover has already been printed. Summer revealed:

Azurée Capitolina recently seized the Regency Council by relying on popular exasperation against the corruption of the elites.

À In his service, Councilor Praetor is responsible for of the purification policy in the kingdom. He applied the new laws of restoration of order and ethnic cleansing with zeal and efficiency. – formidable. Spoliations, harsh interrogations, arbitrary hangings, intimidation… his daily life fully satisfies him, convinced that he is in the right and working for the common good. And if honors came to reward him, it would only be fair.

But is it for all that? safe from an unexpected reversal of fortune? This power of which he is the armed arm isn't there a risk of biting – even devour – the hand that serves it?

A dark and cruel tale whose places, characters and plot might remind you of something. In fact, a possible resemblance with current events is not a coincidence AT ALL…

Given the immense talent of the writer, we can only be 'impatient to discover this news, which could – through its Renaissance inspiration – recall the universe ofWinning the War.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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