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Fantastic Four: This star of the original film is ready to reprise his role

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul5,2024

Of all the adaptations ofFantastic 4 to the cinema, the first is not the best, but it is all the same ;became cult. Bringing together a glamorous cast in the roles of the famous Marvel superheroes, she made her mark. a whole generation. While the Multiverse has opened the door to an infinite field of possibilities, could we see one of the stars of the 2005 film land in the MCU?

Fantastic 4: this star of the original film leaving to reprise his role

this star of the original film leaving to reprise his role

In 2005, almost twenty years ago (already!), Fox released its film adaptation of the adventures of Fantastic 4. Despite a mixed critical and public reception, however less worse than that of the 2015 reboot,the film is no less an object of nostalgiafor all superhero fans. The failed attempts at humor, the rather mediocre acting and the lackluster storyline are one thing, the charm of this nanar from the 2000s, weathered by the past. by time, is another. Regardless of its lack of quality, Fantastic 4could at least boast of possessing a rather sexy cast >: Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards, Jessica Alba and Chris Evans as Sue and Johnny Storm, Michael Chiklis as Benjamin Grimm. While the Multiverse Saga is in full swing in the MCU, the probability that one of these stars will appear in one of the future films is slim, but not non-existent (except for our ex Captain America, of course).Fantastic 4: this star of the original film leaving to reprise his role

Jessica Alba, a.k.a. the former Invisible Woman, revealed &àgrave; our colleagues at ET that she would not be against returning to the skin of the character, which she particularly likes!

No one hasn't told me about it, but I'd jump at it if I get the chance. I love this character… She was so unique in the Marvel universe from the start. the time. There weren't many female superheroes.

Soon back in the MCU with a brand new cast, the Fantastic Four team will return to our cinemas in 2025. But since the crazy arrival of the two former Spider-Man alongside Tom Holland in No Way Home, nothing is impossible for Marvel …Not even an appearance from Jessica Alba as Sue Storm!

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