Fans plan their trip to the next World Cup.

If you are one of the fans planning to travel to the next World Cup in Qatar, surely you would like to know what Budget must have if you like beer.

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The consumption of alcohol in Qatar is not prohibited, although there are restrictions, such as consuming it on public roads or being drunk on the streets.

In Qatar, only people over the age of 21 can consume liquor, but only in licensed hotels and bars.

For those football fans who like to cool off with a beer, especially considering that in The Arab country can have temperatures of up to 40 degrees, it will be key to know this information.

How much is the beer worth?

A beer in Qatar costs around $10 dollars at least, that is, on average 40 thousand Colombian pesos. The high cost is due to the taxes that the country introduced for alcohol imports, of up to 100%.

But depending on the brand, the price could be higher. Keep in mind that Qatar does not manufacture beer, so only international brands are offered.

This is confirmed by an article on the Expensivity portal on prices and beer consumption in the world.

Fifa would authorize drinking alcoholic beverages in the well-known 'FAN Zone', outside the stages and during the World Cup, although it would not allow it inside the stadiums themselves.

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The country has already issued a statement stating that they will have a zero tolerance policy for driving under the influence of alcohol, consuming or being intoxicated in public spaces.