Fans of Liverpool celebrated the championship, puffing white powder with a police cap: video

In the network appeared the scandalous video footage of fans of “Reds” celebrated the first 30 years, the title of Champions of England

Celebrating the fans of “Liverpool” the first 30 years of the championship England acquires new details. In the Internet appeared the video, as two fans of Liverpool, celebrating the city streets the long awaited title of his favorite team, the delayed white powder… with a police cap.


Earlier we wrote that fans “Liverpool” vigorously celebrated the championship. Many fans do not hold back yourself – break the public peace on the streets and left behind piles of garbage near the home of the “Anfield road”. However, 10 of the fans “Reds” were arrested.

Later Liverpool were accused of their fans in the acceleration of the second wave of coronavirus. The club has condemned the behaviour of fans during the championship celebration “decided to ignore the guidance on social distancing and risk public safety.”

We add that the mayor of Liverpool has issued orders to law enforcement officers about the overclocking fans. The reason was the outbreak of a fire in one of the main historical buildings of the city – “Liverpool building”. One popular version of causes of the fire believe the fireworks and firecrackers launched by fans of “Liverpool”.

Recall that Liverpool was the winner of the English Premier League with seven games to end the season. For Liverpool, this national title was the first since 1990. As we reported earlier, Zinchenko satisfied “Liverpool” Champions ‘ hall.

Look, as fans of Liverpool celebrated the championship-2020

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