Fans comment on the woman's physical appearance. 

Fans comment on the woman's physical appearance. 

Gerard Piqué has not been able to completely hide what his life is like after the separation with the Colombian Shakira< /b>, to the point that the international press follows the Barcelona defender step by step, not only in Spain.

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The identity of who would be Piqué's supposed new partner was recently revealed, in a story that It has already gone around the world.

According to press reports, which emerged in England, Gerard Piqué has been dating Clara Chia Marti, a student who works for him since they separated of the artist.

According to reports that have been echoed in the British press, Piqué has been dating the student, who is 23 years old, for the past few months.

Chia Marti is a public relations student who works for the investment group in sports and media of Piqué, and it is said that they met in meetings of said work.

A source close to the young woman told the British newspaper 'The Sun': “Gerard and Clara have been seeing each other for months. They have kept silent about their relationship, but everyone around them knows what is happening.” /p>

Fans comment on the woman's physical appearance.&nbsp;

First image of Piqué's alleged girlfriend

Although Clara has wanted to go unnoticed and few details are known about her, in the last few hours a photo revealing Chia Marti's physical appearance has been leaked to the entertainment media, which has generated a storm of opinions on social networks.

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The followers did not take long to compare the woman with Shakira in networks. There were even those who detected a certain resemblance to the blonde hair.

Comments like “But she looks just like Shakira”, “Shakira is unique “, or More beautiful Shakira”, are some of those that have generated the most interactions on networks after the photo was published.

While the networks They comment, Piqué and Shakira continue with their separation process, in which they must define the situation of their children and the distribution of benefits.

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