Fans attacked Deportivo Cali players.

Anxious moments were experienced yesterday at the 12 de Octubre stadium in Tuluá, during the match between Cortuluá and Deportivo Cali, when supporters of the sugar team entered the field en masse to rebuke and even attack the players and the coach Máyer Candelo, after the second goal of the local team, which was winning 2-0 in the match of the date 13 of Colombian soccer.

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It was at minute 82 when the game, after a penalty goal by Tuluá, had to be interrupted, and ultimately ended, after dozens of fans invaded the field, furious at the dismal campaign of the Cali team. There was chaos and panic in the stadium, especially when the players of both teams had to flee to the dressing rooms to take shelter, as well as the referee's list.

Police balance

“There were disturbances by Cali fans who invaded the field and tried to attack to the players, referees and police. With our timely reaction, we are able to control the situation and safeguard the integrity of the players and fans”, was the balance of Colonel Ever Gómez, Police Commander of the Valley, without reporting any detainees or injuries.

The Caleño team had to remain in the stadium until the guarantees were given to be able to return to Cali.

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