Famous molfarka made a forecast for the Crimea

Famous molfarka made a forecast for the Crimea

A well-known molfarka made a prediction about Crimea

The war waged by Russia will be a turning point for Ukrainians moment. 

According to the molfarka, a member of the secret "battalion 14" Magdalena Mochiovski, they will be able to recapture not only the territories occupied in the east and south, but also Crimea.

“I had four terms: four days, four weeks, four months, and in no case do I want so that this war dragged on for 4 years. Therefore, to the best of our ability, we will do everything to prevent this from happening,” Mochiovski said.

She is sure that Ukraine cannot lose in this war, because the Ukrainian nation is very strong in spirit.


"For years, a Muscovite has been instilling the opinion that we are weak. This is not so, we are a very strong people. And we will lay down our soul and body in order to win. I can convince everyone that victory will be ours, ”the molfarka assured. .

She stressed that the Ukrainians will be able to return the territories that were at the time of independence.

“We will even return to ourselves what does not belong to us now. I'm talking about Crimea here. I'm not saying we'll take back the peninsula tomorrow or the day after, but we won't give up. We are not that nation, we will never give up. Victory, you will see, will be ours,” summed up Mochiovski.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich